The International Communications and Publicity Committee stresses the international scope of the Society, supports and reviews state organization and chapter websites, encourages professional content on state and chapter websites, assists with editor and webmaster training at regional conferences and emphasizes the importance of public and member relations at all levels through the development of a public relations plan.

Goals for 2016 - 2018
    1. Support members in their communication efforts and development by creating relationships and learning communities.
    2. Serve as a resource for those creating diverse ways to conduct leadership training.
    3. To encourage members to network globally through DKG online communities.
    4. Provide guidance for marketing.
    5. Provide guidance for the use of social media.
    6. Expand and promote use of DKG resources.

Carolyn Pittman
2016-2018 International President

Dr. Judith Merz 
Liaison, ex officio, without vote

Templates and Samples

Chapter Brochure Template - Toni Cook
(Microsoft Word Document)
Chapter Brochure Template
(Microsoft Word Document)


  • October 31
    Compliance forms due


  • To whom should I send my Chapter and State Organization Newsletters and Yearbooks other than my local membership?
    Disseminate copies of chapter publications to the state organization president, editor and communications chair. Disseminate copies of state organization newsletters to the international president, the executive director, and international communications and publicity committee members. It is also nice to email links to your newsletters to other state organization presidents. Yearbooks do not need to be sent to international personnel. 
  • How do I put together and personalize a press release?
    Templates on how to create a press release and suggested ways to personalize them can be found under Forms
  • How can I get media coverage for my event?
    Cultivate a friendship with journalists in your area before you want them to publish information. Know when their deadlines are and make sure that you have the information to them in the specific format that their publication requests. Develop and disseminate a media kit with information about the international Society, your state organization, and/or your chapter; be sure to include contact names and numbers.
  • How long do I keep chapter/state organization newsletters and how?  
    Check with your state organization historian for the procedures in your state organization.
  • Does the Society have the capability to store chapter/state organization newsletters for us?
    No, the Society does not have the space to store chapter/state organization newsletters for you. You might want to consider storing such materials on the Internet in cloud storage such as Dropbox or Box. Alternately, you can use a website to archive newsletters or use a USB flashdrive to pass from historian to historian or news editor to news editor.
  • How can we easily personalize “A Journey for Life” and use it within our community.
    You will find a template to make labels with your local chapter contact information on this page under Templates . Affix this local information to the pamphlet on the back.
  • How do I avoid violating copyright?
    Assume any material you want to use other than your own is copyrighted and seek written permission of the copyright holder to use it. More information on copyright and Creative Commons can be found in the Copyright Primer .
  • If I need to change my address, how do I do it?
    There is an interactive change of address form under Forms  > Membership which you can send to headquarters or you can sign into MyDKG  and make changes there. If you use the Member Profile area, your logon is your membership number. Your state organization president or her designee can provide the password.
  • Are there guidelines for yearbooks?
    There are no formal guidelines from International about yearbooks, but check to see if your state organization has put out guidelines. Although International doesn’t have guidelines, some suggestions of what you might want to include can be found in the booklet, Guidelines for Chapter Communications Committee Chairs, which all chapter communications chairs should have. Additional copies can be bought through the Society Supply Store.
  • What is the most effective way to make your newsletter interesting?
    A good page layout ensures that language, graphics and even color combine to promote clear communication. Consistency in the layout adds to the ease of readability and dependability to its readers. Use graphics to add to the story. Use high quality images and photos. Try to avoid clip art or images that look grainy. Use strong headlines with active verbs.
  • How do you build an attractive website? 
    Have a plan of how you are going to lay out your website before you actually start building it. Organize your content in a logical manner with user-friendly navigation.  The most important thing is to make sure your content is current so all the information is accurate.  Many chapters and state organizations have found the website Weebly an easy way to build a website. Videos on the various steps to create a Weebly website can be found below under Videos. Printed directions for those who can’t access videos on their computers can also be found below under Documents .
  • How do I apply to have my chapter/state organization website linked to the international website?
    You can find the steps to have your website linked here.
  • How often do I need to reapply for a new website seal?
    Current websites linked to the international website need to reapply at the start of each international biennium with a deadline of October 31st. Chapters/State Organizations applying for the first time can apply anytime during the biennium.
  • Is there any cost for my chapter/state organization website to be connected to the international website?
    There is a one-time setup fee of $15 to be linked to the international website. Once you pay this fee, you never have to pay it again even if you have a break in having a website linked or if you change the URL of your website. The form to submit with the $15 payment can be found under Forms  > Website .