The responsibilities of the Expansion Committee are to initiate and sponsor units of the Society in countries where no organization of the Society exists and to support and strengthen all existing state organizations.

Goals for 2016-2018

  • Advise any state organization(s) interested in sponsoring a new state organization.
  • Focus on the need for vitality and sustainability of all state organizations.
  • Advise existing state organizations in the installation of new chapters.

Carolyn Pittman
2016-2018 International President

Nita Scott
Membership Services Administrator, ex officio, without vote

Proposing a State Organization

Proposals may come from current state organizations wishing to sponsor a new state organization, chapters or individuals. Some preparation and research is needed.

  • Submit a request 
    Send a written request to the International Expansion Committee asking to begin research into expansion in a specific country. The committee will need some initial information.
  • Research the country or state 
    The Society is interested in the status of women in education, women who meet the membership criteria, and prospective members who have given distinctive service in education or have potential to do so.
    Next, the Society must identify a member as the official organizer. She will seek prospective members who understand the unique aspects of Society membership at all three levels. 
  • Request to study is reviewed 
    Each government entity has requirements for organizing within its borders. The International Expansion Committee investigates the political and non-profit viability of organization in the proposed government entity.
    If no problems are identified, the committee asks the Administrative Board to approve a study of this country/state. Approval by the Administrative Board will begin official research status with an assigned organizer.

Working toward expansion
Now the official organizer and the sponsoring group will work with the International Expansion Committee to conduct a thorough study and pull together a core group of possible new members. The process includes:

  • Locating prospective members
    • Create opportunities to present educational seminars and/or workshops in education.
    • Hold after-seminar gatherings of women interested in hearing about the Society.
    • Offer professional presentations about the Society with a Q & A session.
    • Look for diversity of educators.
    • Generate a list of approximately 50 prospective names.
  • Reporting the results 
    Report results of the study, including political ramifications, status of women in education, financial standings of educators, interest of local women, etc. to the International Expansion Committee. When everything is in place, the committee will request approval from the Executive Board for a new state organization.
  • Strengthening the Society 
    The Expansion Committee also uses budgeted funds for strengthening existing state organizations in member countries other than the United States of America. (Standing Rule 5.32)


"I believe we should eventually make plans to carry Delta Kappa Gamma into other countries. When we do begin these plans, they ought, in my opinion, to be undertaken with careful forethought."

- Annie Webb Blanton, Founder


  • If expansion involves the establishment of new state organizations at the international level, what would expansion involve at the state organization level?
    At the state organization level, expansion involves the development of new chapters. State organizations often focus on geographic areas where populations of educators will support a new chapter but no chapter currently exists.  
  • I have been appointed to manage "expansion" for my state organization – where can I find tips about my responsibilities?  
    The Guidelines for Chapter Presidents includes some helpful information regarding expansion and also tips for starting a new chapter. The Constitution and International Standing Rules  also offers guidelines in Articles V and VI. "Expansion" within existing state organizations most often involves the installation of new chapters.
  • How do we get a charter for the new chapter and what are the appropriate procedures for installation?  
    Contact the membership services department regarding the installation of a new chapter and the request for a charter. The request form (under Membership Forms ) includes helpful instructions and steps leading up to the installation. The membership services supervisor can assist you with the appropriate procedures. Tips are also provided with the installation ceremony in the Ceremonies Book.