Charged with responsibilities related to membership, this committee will study and make recommendations related to membership issues.  The committee will present training sessions for state organization membership chairs, recommend women for international honorary membership and present the international necrology ceremony. Resources for chapter membership activities and suggestions to help with recruitment, retention and reinstatement can be found on the committee page.  Membership in DKG provides multiple opportunities for members to make a difference in order to impact education worldwide.

Goals for 2016 - 2018

  • Develop a Communication Strategy
  • Cultivate a Plan for Content Development
  • Implement a Member Engagement Plan
  • Create Meaningful Connections

Carolyn Pittman
2016-2018 International President

Nita Scott
Membership Services Administrator, ex officio, without vote

Changes in membership: reinstatement and transfer

When surveyed, almost 70% of members who had recently dropped their membership expressed an interest in reinstatement. The predominant reason given for dropping their membership was family and personal reasons. But, life changes. Today may offer the perfect occasion to invite former members to reinstate and enjoy the benefits of membership. 

It is every active DKG member’s responsibility to participate in DKG activities, invite outstanding educators to membership and nurture members in the pride of membership in DKG. Are you proud to be a member? Let’s work together to strengthen the Society we hold so dear.

Let former members know that their dedication to education is valued and that the chapter would delight in having them back.

How can a Chapter find former members and contact them? 

  • Use the chapter’s Form 18 and 18A to collect dropped member data.
  • Contact them with a personal letter or call.
  • Invite them to a meeting or event.  
  • Have a “Reunion” or “Homecoming” event.
  • Make them feel welcome when they attend.
  • The chapter does not vote so have a reinstatement form ready.
  • After reinstatement, get them involved in chapter projects and programs.

Moving is sometimes challenging but finding a new chapter should not be as difficult. Welcome members who have moved into your area or whose chapter has dissolved. 

How can chapters assist with member transfers?

  • When you receive information about a member in transition, call them and welcome them to your chapter.
  • Call Membership Services at Society Headquarters or submit the Transfer Request form online. 
  • Any member who is relocating should continue to pay dues to her home chapter until the transfer process is complete. 



  • February 1
    Chapter Necrology Report (Form 2) due to state organization membership chairs
  • February 1
    Chapter Reports (Form 54, Chapter President’s Report includes questions about membership) due to state organization presidents
  • March 1
    State Organization Necrology  lists (replacing the Form 3) will be emailed to state organization presidents and membership/necrology chairs for verification.  Verified/revised forms should be returned to Society Headquarters by March 1. (
  • March 1 (even numbered years)
    State Organization reports to International (membership is included in the State Organization President’s Report)



  • Where can I find ideas for recruiting members, such as who can join, how to invite them or where to look for new members? 
    Information about membership eligibility is provided in the Guide for Chapter Membership Chairs, distributed in the even numbered years through state organization presidents to chapter membership chairs and in the Go-To Guide. Both can also be purchased in print through the Society Supply Store or downloaded from the resources section. Additional information is available in the overview for the new Membership Recruitment Plan.
  • Where do I find ceremonies that can be used for initiation of new members, installation of officers or ceremonies of remembrance?
    The Ceremonies book, available through the Society Supply Store, has sample ceremonies for chapter use. Chapters are free to adapt these ceremonies to meet their needs. In addition, the Ceremonies book is available under the Resources tab. 
  • How do I notify Society Headquarters regarding a member’s death?
    Chapter membership chairs, treasurers and presidents may use the Form 6 , Report of the Death of a Member, to report a member’s death to both Society Headquarters and the state organization treasurer and membership chair. It is an electronic form, available under the Forms tab, and can be copied to all necessary parties. Please include contact information for a surviving family member, if possible, so Society Headquarters can send the family a sympathy card. 
  • I am moving. So, how do I transfer when I am not sure what chapters are available?
    Society Headquarters can assist you with your transfer. Use the Transfer Request form if you know the name of your new chapter. Email if you wish us to assist you in connecting with the chapter(s) in your new area.
    If your search for a new chapter extends through September and October, please pay dues to your previous chapter in order to avoid a dropped membership.