The International Nominations Committee is responsible for naming at least one nominee for each position on the Administrative Board, elected committees and the Educational Foundation Board of Trustees.


Goals for 2016 - 2018 

  1. To follow the guidelines and rules set forth in the governing documents by:
    a. Encouraging and seeking the nominations of qualified leaders for the elected Administrative Board members, the elected committee members and the Educational Foundation Board of Trustees.
    b. Receiving recommendation and endorsement forms no later than September 15, 2017.
    c. Selecting the best candidates for all elected positions.
    d. Presenting the report of nominees for all elected positions to the 2018 International convention. (Note: The Nominations Committee is not responsible for the election process.)
  2. To identify strategic actions that create transparent processes to implement efficient and effective selection of elected Society leaders by:
    a. Reviewing and updating the forms prior to posting of forms on the DKG website by May of odd-numbered years.
    b. Aligning the selection process with the requirements stated on the application and the committee’s assessment tool.
    c. Receiving forms submitted to a designated and secure site accessible only to the committee for review.
    d. Designing and conducting the Installation Ceremony of the newly elected leaders at the 2018 International Convention.
    e. Updating the Nominations Committee Procedures Manual.
  3. To publicize the committee’s actions and share information through various Society communications by:
    a. Writing articles for Society publications.
    b. Posting resources and updates on the Nominations Committee’s web page.
    c. Responding to questions about nominations procedures.
    d. Corresponding with outgoing and incoming state organization presidents.
    e. Using social media.
    f. Collaborating with other committees to design and deliver a breakout session for the five Regional Conferences in 2017.
    g. Continuing to educate members regarding the difference between the nominations process and the election process at the International level. 

Carolyn Pittman
2016-2018 International President


  • September 15, 2017
    Nominations for elected officers, Administrative Board members, elected committee members, and members of the DKG Educational Foundation Board of Trustees