The committee shall explore, review and recommend to the Administrative Board possible sources of non-dues revenue that will both serve members and benefit the Society.

The committee shall work in cooperation with insurance representatives and other non-dues revenue providers, as appropriate, on ways to obtain alternative financing for Society work.

Goals for 2016 - 2018 :
A. Provide members benefits through discounts on products and services.
B. Provide the Society with funds in addition to dues to carry out its work.
C. Provide support for state organizations and chapters to generate non-dues revenue.

Carolyn Pittman
2016-2018 International President

Phyllis Hickey
Operation Services Administrator, ex officio, without vote



  • What is non-dues revenue?
    In DKG non-dues revenue refers to money or in-kind gifts obtained from sources other than dues and fees. That revenue is used to support the operations or fund projects of the Society at the international, state organization, or chapter level.

  • Why should DKG engage in and support efforts to generate non-dues revenue?
    Revenue is necessary to cover the operating costs of the Society at each level as well as to fund its philanthropic projects. If chapters, state organizations, and international can generate part of that revenue from sources other than dues and fees, DKG can minimize dues increases necessary to run our organization and to implement our vision of impacting education worldwide. 

  • What are some sources of non-dues revenue?
    At the international level the principal sources are corporate partners, sponsors of convention events, vendors at conventions and conferences, advertisers in Society publications, and members who make donations and bequests to the Society.
    At the state organization and chapter level, numerous sources and proven ways of generating non-dues revenue may be found on the Non-dues Revenue Committee page on the DKG website.
  • Can we sell outside our chapter?  Where?
    Yes, one of the principal ways chapters generate non-dues revenue is to sell items within their communities. See the Non-dues Revenue Committee page on the DKG website for suggestions.
    Chapters can also sell items at international conventions and regional conferences as well as at many state organization conventions. Refer to the International Guidelines for Sales of Items (available on the DKG website). Also, check the applicable state organization website or international website for guidelines and application forms. 
  • Do we need to worry about sales tax?
    Yes, if items are sold in the USA.  As the International Guidelines for Sales of Items states, “The Society is not exempt from payment of sales tax. State organizations should investigate the sales tax requirements in their respective states, provinces and countries and adhere to them. Failure to comply with sales tax requirements will put the Society in jeopardy of losing its not-for-profit, 501 (c) (6) status.” Different laws may be applicable in other member countries.
  • Can we use the Society logo on items to sell?
    Restrictions regarding the use of the Society name, seal, and key are specified in the International Standing Rules, 1.01,1.03, and 1.04. For more information, refer to the International Guidelines for Sale of Items, available on the DKG website.