This committee, named in accordance with the will of Eunah Temple Holden, administers the fund income after Executive Board approval of recommended projects. They recommend specific uses of the interest earned on the fund to the Executive Board for authorization.

Karen Crumley


Carolyn Pittman
2016-2018 International President

Dr. Judith R. Merz
Interim Executive Director


How the bequest began

Author of Volumes I and II of Our Heritage, Eunah Temple Holden served the Society as 1950-1952 national president and 1956-1960 international executive secretary. When she died in 1975, she left nearly $100,000 for leadership development. Prior to her death she named three friends to administer the gift. The committee continues with three members who serve six-year terms and are replaced by committee vote with Executive Board approval.

  • The independent executor of Holden’s will sent a check to the Society in June 1977 and the first committee met in September 1977.
  • The 1978 International Convention voted to establish a fund as stipulated in Holden’s will with a reserve of not less than $100,000.

ETH Fund helps train leaders who step forward

Leadership Fund offers diversity
Since its beginning with a bequest in 1977, the Eunah Temple Holden Leadership Fund Committee has supported a variety of projects.

  • Regional conference speakers
    The Holden Fund sends $1,000 to each regional conference to use toward paying for an outstanding woman speaker who is not a member.
  • Parliamentary seminars
    The fund provided start-up money for parliamentary training seminars in Chicago in 2002, 2005 and 2009. 
  • Presidents’ training
    State organization and chapter presidents  can learn from women skilled in personal and professional leadership at international conventions and regional conferences.
  • Transition meetings
    Transition sessions for incoming international presidents are a result of a 2003 bequest from Madeline Leavel Keyser, Virginia. The bequest pays for two three-day training sessions and attendance at the International Finance Committee’s budget preparation. 
  • Administrative orientation
    The committee helps sponsor an orientation session for administrative board members and staff at the beginning of each biennium.
  • Additional projects funded...
    Initial stages of the Focus 2000 project.
    A Beacon to the Future—Supplement, briefed by Helen Hostetter, Washington, in 1984.
    A Beacon to the Future: Charting a Course for Advancement, researched and written by Dr. Yvonne Weber, Pennsylvania, in 1979..

Members to gain from goals
The Administrative Board, international committee chairs and Eunah Temple Holden Leadership Fund Committee met January 7, 1983, in Olive Branch, Mississippi, to implement the recommendations the committee made at the 1982 International Executive Board meeting. The group established two major goals.

  • The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International should commit resources, beginning in January 1983, to designing and implementing effective personal and professional growth opportunities for all members.
  • The Society should move to become a recognized authority on educational issues.

Allocating money
The Eunah Temple Holden Leadership Fund Committee recommends specific uses of the fund to the International Executive Board for authorization during its meetings at international conventions.

  • The committee evaluates funding plus past and present offerings before proposing any new leadership projects to the executive board.
  • The committee supervises expenditures from the fund in accordance with the International Standing Rules, which state that the invested principal of the fund must remain at no less than $100,000.
  • Interest from the fund pays for the fund’s administration.

"...gradually we shall develop a quickened and deepened understanding, a breadth of outlook, a sense of direction, a refinement of taste, an appreciation of beauty, a measure of values, a modesty of judgment, an unbiased approach to problems, and an undaunted pursuit of their solutions; all these culminating in a balanced concept of life with all of its graces and its utilities."

— Eunah Temple Holden, Summer Bulletin, 1952

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