This committee shall promote programs and projects for excellence in education. The committee shall identify long-term and short-term programs and projects that focus upon topics adopted by the Society. The committee shall support programs of action that promote the personal well-being, intellectual growth, and global awareness of women educators; encourage a focus on the arts at international conventions, regional conferences and state organization conventions and develop strategies that will enable chapters to encourage members to become leaders.

Goals for 2016 - 2018:

A. Empowering women through leadership opportunities

1. Empower leaders to impact policy and people worldwide.
2. Validate and support members’ passions and talents to lead.
3. Inspire, mentor and strengthen members’ growth as leaders.

B. Engaging educators in purposeful programs and projects

1. Provide resources for local programs to involve members in policy discussions on education.
 2. Impact educator retention through support for early-career and all educators.
 3. Collaborate with DKG Forums to empower members in impacting educational legislation, policy and pedagogy.
4. Provide strategies and resources for the integration of programs and projects that provide personal and professional growth, including but not limited to the visual and performing arts.

C. Creating global involvement

1. Encourage programs/activities that advance increased awareness of and involvement in changing global issues
2. Promote participation in DKG/UN relationship, including but not limited to the Schools for Africa project.
3. Collaborate with educational, governmental and social agencies to promote literacy, cultural, and social integration of refugees and migrants.

Lochie Musso

UN/NGO Representative

Carolyn Pittman
2016-2018 International President

Nita Scott
Membership Services Administrator, ex officio, without vote

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Friday, April 6, 2018 - "Stepping Up to Protect the World's Children"

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  • Where can my chapter find ideas for chapter programs and activities?
    Ideas for chapter projects and activities are listed and described in the document called “Collection of programs, projects and activity ideas” posted on this committee page. It includes ideas and a description with details and tips. Topics most frequently identified by chapters as relative to education issues and concerns are also listed in the “EEC Hot Topics Programs and Activities” document. 
  • What is CTAUN and why should I be interested?
    CTAUN is the Conference on Teaching About the United Nations. The conference, held several times a year in various locations, brings educators together to share and explore best practices, increase awareness of global issues and learn from international experts regarding ways to incorporate global awareness into curricula and school activities. 
  • What can my chapter do to promote and participate in the Society’s international projects?
    Chapters can participate in the Schools for Africa  project by raising money for donation to the project through UNICEF. A FAQs document on this committee page answers many of the questions members have about the project and the Schools for Africa flyer provides a form for making the contributions to UNICEF.  Donations should be made directly to UNICEF using the form in the flyer.  
    The Support for Early-career Educators  (SEE) project provides chapters an opportunity to impact education locally through mentoring/support and collectively strengthen the profession worldwide. Some chapters work with early-career educators (1-5 years in an education position) by mentoring, providing classroom materials, assisting with lesson planning, developing classroom management skills, giving financial support, adopting a school, or simply being a supportive counsel by phone.