Reaching across borders, the International Speakers Fund facilitates exchange of Society speakers among member countries and helps to unite women educators of the world.

Members submit an application to become a speaker by September 15. Once received, they are on a selection list for two years. State organization presidents review the list and apply to the committee for funding to bring the speaker to them.

Speaker applications are available to download, July 1-September 15. Twice a year a state organization president may request an International Speaker, electronically only. Request for speaker from state organization presidents are now due November 10 and May 10. The interactive applications are found on the Forms page under applications.

Established in 1982 to celebrate 30 international years of DKG, the International Speakers Fund Committee promotes cultural understanding. This committee administers the International Speakers Fund program according to the guidelines in the International Standing Rules. The committee meets to consider applications to become an ISF speaker and to review requests from state organizations for ISF speakers. Interest from the ISF Fund is used to provide travel expenses for ISF speakers.

Goals for 2016-2018:
  1. SUPPORT MEMBERS, (How? Impacting personal and professional development),
  2. PROVIDE GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES, (How? Sharing, learning much about other localities, and creating personal connections that contribute to inter-cultural awareness and acceptance of diversity),
  3. DEVELOP LEADERS, (How? Sharing knowledge and providing opportunities that contribute to empowering women), and
  4. BUILDING RESOURCES, (How? Providing human and information resources from which chapters and states can draw to enhance the learning experiences of members).

Carolyn Pittman
2016-2018 International President

Phyllis Hickey
Operation Services Administrator, ex officio, without vote

How to become an international speaker

Opportunities available for members to

  • become an international speaker
  • share ideas, research and experiences
  • meet members from other countries and promote friendships across borders
  • experience cultural diversity
  • serve as an ambassador on behalf of the Society
  • create an international network of members
  • contribute to Purpose I
    Uniting women educators of the world

How to apply 

Download Speaker’s Application from the forms section of the website, available July 1-September 15, and send by email to your state organization president in time for her to send electronically to Society Headquarters by September 15. Applications are kept active for two years.

How to request an international speaker

Opportunities available for state organizations to

  • host an ISF Speaker
  • meet an international member face-to-face
  • learn about different cultures, customs, environments and school systems
  • bring a new international experience to your state organization members
  • participate in active discussions about international education systems, practices, needs and views
  • create friendships across borders and enlarge your international network

State Organization Presidents

To invite a speaker to your state organization meeting
Email a Request for an ISF Speaker form to Society Headquarters by November 10 or May 10. The form may be downloaded from the Society website.

To recommend a member to become an ISF Speaker
Encourage a member of your state organization to download the Speaker’s Application from the Society website and send the completed form to you before September 15. Submit the Speaker’s Application with your recommendation, electronically, to be received at Society Headquarters by September 15.



"I will treasure the great memories and I am humbled to have been invited as the International Speaker by such an amazing group of educators."

— Dr. Adriana Bejko, Speaker at the Great Britain State Organization Conference


  • May 10
    Speaker Request
  • September 15
    Speaker Application
  • November 10
    Speaker Request


  • Who can be an International Speaker?
    Any member of DKG can apply to be a speaker in a country other than their own. Applications are available of the Society website from July 1 to September 15. All application are due to Society Headquarters by September 15.
  • Who can request an international speaker?
    State organization presidents can apply for and ISF speaker twice a year. An email notice is sent to the state organization president twice a year. State Organization Presidents will be able to view applications on a secure website and submit a request either by November 10 or May 10 each year. They must request a speaker from outside of their country.  

  • What pays for the trip? 
    Travel costs will be paid by the International Speakers Fund. The host country will pay accommodations and meals for the speaker.