This committee is charged with annually awarding up to thirty (30) $6,000 (U.S.) international scholarships to members for study at the master’s degree and $10,000 (U.S.) for work at the doctorate level.
Goals for 2016-2018:
  1. To explore strategies to increase the number of scholarships that can be awarded.
  2. To consider any changes needed in the Society' governing documents that would state the language in a new and innovative way.

Carolyn Pittman
2016-2018 International President

Phyllis Hickey
Operation Services Administrator, ex officio, without vote

Scholarships Available for Doctorate and Advanced Degrees

As many as 30 scholarships are awarded each year to members pursuing advance degrees. Scholarships for those seeking other graduate studies are $6,000 and a doctorate is $10,000. 

  • State organizations and chapters
    provided $343,843.19 in scholarships to 810 members in 2014-2015.
  • At the international level
    the Society awarded $96,000 in scholarships for 2015-2016 and $86,000 for 2016-2017.
  • As of 2015-2016
    the Society has awarded $4,861,500 to 1,100 members since the international scholarship program began in 1940.

Who should apply?

To qualify for a scholarship at the international level, the applicant must

  • Be an active member of the Society
    for a minimum of three years if pursuing doctorial studies, and be an active member at the time of application if pursuing other graduate studies.
  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree
    or equivalent.
  • Be accepted and enrolled in a graduate
    program of a nationally accredited institution of higher education, preferably pursuing a doctoral degree.
  • Provide evidence of 
    excellence in scholarship and service to the community.
  • Be a first-time recipient 
    of an international scholarship
    -International Standing Rule 13.62

How to apply

  • Complete current application form available July 1 on Society website.
  • Request appropriate transcripts.
  • Obtain status of program documentation.
  • Secure letters of recommendation.
  • Send application as an e-mail attachment to Society Headquarters by February 1.
    "To me, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is a family centered around support, guidance, and love. I have received tremendous support from my Delta Kappa Gamma sisters over the years, and now I can provide others with support."

    2014-2015 international scholarship recipient


  • February 1
    Scholarship Application


  • Did you know?
  1. International Scholarships for doctoral studies are $10,000.
  2. International Scholarships for graduate studies are $6,000.
  3. The application will be available July 1 at 
  4. The completed application and documentation are due February 1.
  5. $.20 of the $1.00 scholarship fee goes to the international scholarship fund and $.80 stays with you for state organization and chapter scholarship funds. 
  6. Donations or bequest to the International Scholarship Fund are tax deductible for the U.S. and some other countries. 
  7. Since 1940, the Society has awarded $4,861,500 to 1,100 members. 
  8. For the 2015-2016 year the Society awarded $96,000 for International Scholarships.