NE - Come early for pre-con seminars

Make your NE Regional Conference plans to arrive early so as to enjoy attending one of two pre-conference seminars on Wednesday, July 12.

The Underground Railway features Elise Harding-Davis, African Canadian Heritage consultant and author and a proud descendant of slaves. Windsor was one of the destination cities in the underground railway. Her presentation, called “The Black Thread in the Canadian Tapestry” will highlight African Canadians and their contributions to Canada’s progress after “making free” (escaping) via the Underground Railway.

In the afternoon, participants in this seminar will be taken to points of interest outside of Windsor from those days beginning in the early 1800s. Ms. Harding’s passion for preserving and promoting her heritage has led her to educate thousands globally.

Indigenous Peoples of the 21st Century will share the history of the residential schools that were founded years ago to teach Indigenous students. Unfortunately, these children were taken miles away from their families and suffered many problems that remain with them today.

Charlene Bearhead coordinated the Education Days for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and served as the first Education Lead for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. She will share her own experience around a foundational shift for reconciliation education.

The seminar will focus on the need to support and plan for the education of the Indigenous youth with Indigenous content being taught alongside Canada’s history so that Indigenous students can experience more self-esteem and opportunities after their schooling.

Bearhead will also give an inspirational talk at the Opening Session on Wednesday evening.