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Spotlight on Building an International Bridge of Communication

After reading the article titled, “Europe builds bridges across borders,” in the May/June (2016) issue of DKG News, one member began to dream about building a bridge of communication between her chapter, North Carolina Delta Rho, and the Epsilon Chapter in The Netherlands.

Chapter President Patricia Pemberton researched and found the author, then Europe Regional Director Marianne Skardeus from Sweden, and reached out to her for more information about the Epsilon Chapter in The Netherlands. The DKG News article related that The Netherlands was celebrating its 40th anniversary in May. Since North Carolina Delta Rho Chapter celebrates a 20th anniversary this year, it seemed a natural connection.

Skardeus, while on her way to The Netherlands for their convention and 40th anniversary celebration, responded with immediate plans to meet Pemberton at the 2016 DKG International Convention in Nashville, where almost 2,000 key women educators were gathered. Talking and sharing during that brief hour meeting before one of the general sessions, unaware of anyone else in that huge meeting room, they built a bridge of communication from North Carolina to Europe.

After several planned and chance meetings where Pemberton joined other members from the Europe delegation, plans were made to continue the connection between Delta Rho Chapter in North Carolina and members of various chapters in Europe.

The opening paragraph in the May/June DKG News (written by Marianne Skardeus, past Europe Regional Director) is no small statement. It reads, “The possibilities of international contacts and exchanges are a rewarding aspect of Society membership.” So now, an international bridge of communication spans the Atlantic Ocean from the shores of America to the shores of Europe, connects DKG friends, and offers endless possibilities for the future.


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