Contributions to the funds that fall under the umbrella of the DKG International Educators Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law in the USA and in some other countries.

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Area of Greatest NeedDonation will be allocated to the area of greatest need.IEFUNASSIGN
Cornetet AwardIndividual professional development (members & non-members) & educational seminars (members).IEFCORN
Educational ProjectsFunding for projects to benefit children & education to members and non-members.IEFEDPRO
Educators Award FundSelected women authors receive cash awards for non-fiction writing impacting education.IEFEDAWARD
Emergency FundSolely supported by donations, the Emergency Fund helps members with a major loss due to a natural disaster.IEFEMER
Eunah Temple Holden Leadership FundThe ETH Fund supports superb speakers for international meetings and other leadership events.IEFHOLDEN
Golden Gift FundThe Golden Gift Fund offers professional life-changing leadership management seminars.IEFGOLDEN
International Speakers FundGoing beyond borders, the International Speakers Fund sends members as speakers into Society countries other than their own.IEFSPEAKER
Scholarship FundInternational Scholarships are awarded annually to members for graduate study.IEFSCHOLAR
World Fellowship FundWorld Fellowships are awarded to non-member women educators who are continuing their education. IEFFELLOW

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