The United States Forum supports non-partisan federal legislation in the interests of education and women educators. We provide U.S. members of DKG with relevant information on pending issues and legislator contact numbers to enable more effective advocacy. 

Chairman: Darlene Cook -

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The Canadian Forum is made up of members from seven provincial state organizations of Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

The Forum meets twice in odd-numbered years, in conjunction with the international conferences serving the northwest and northeast regions; and once in even-numbered years, at the international convention.  The Area Representative, Canada serves as chair of the Canadian Forum.

Goals of the Canadian Forum:

  1. To promote awareness of local, regional and interprovincial educational issues in Canada;
  2. To study educational issues, Canadian or international, that impact Canadian members;
  3. To provide networking opportunities in the interest of shared understanding between and among Canadian members;
  4. To involve Canadian members of DKG in a Canada-wide educational project; and,
  5. To provide Canadian members the opportunity to develop a shared sense of purpose within the Society.
  6. Each biennium, the members of the Canadian Forum select an educational project to support for two years. Voluntary donations of five dollars or more per Canadian member are collected.

Canadian Project

Guidelines for Selecting a Canadian Project

Submission Form

Canadian Project 2022-2024
(Canadian Project 2022-2024 PDF)

Art for Aid / Sew & Sew (Website)     
Art for Aid / Sew & Sew (PDF)                        

For more information about the Forum, contact Lorna Berlinguette |, Canadian Forum.


 Protocol for Selecting a Nominee for Area Representative

The European Forum is the youngest of all DKG International Forums. Our group consists of eight countries, eight languages, eight cultures, eight school systems and eight histories:

  1. Estonia
  2. Finland
  3. Germany
  4. Great Britain
  5. Iceland
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Norway
  8. Sweden  

Our history as a DKG Forum is told here through the words of Dorothy Haley, Great Britain.

As a group we look for common interests and work with those issues to organize an interesting meeting during regional conferences and international conventions.

Chairman: Maria Katherina Heimback - Europe |

The Latin-American Forum is defined as an assembly for an open discussion on topics of common concern, all in Spanish. The Forum meetings are held at International Conferences and International Convention.

A Forum planning meeting is organized for every year. The meeting should be held at a cost effective site and request the attendance of one representative from each country. The Area Representative for Latin America is the chair of the Latin American Forum.

Chairman: Dr. Alejandrina Mata-Segreda -

The Latin American State Organizations are: 
  1. Baja California

  2. Costa Rica

  3. El Salvador

  4. Guatemala

  5. Jalisco

  6. Mexico City

  7. Nuevo Leon

  8. Panama

  9. Puebla

  10. Puerto Rico