Welcome to the new website! Along with a new look, the website hosts some new features such as member only areas that require log in. For help with logging in, please call Society Headquarters at 1-888-762-4685 or 512-478-5748. Your username is your six digit member id that can be found on your membership card, from your chapter treasurer, or on the back of your DKG NEWS. If you find the number on the back of the NEWS, please be aware that you must remove the last number. Your chapter president has received the default password in the Presidents' Page, or you can call headquarters.

From the home page you can find out the top news at DKG, access the Educational Foundation, donate to DKG, participate in communities, buy Society supplies and access the Award Concepts website through the store, find state organization and chapter websites, and view the Gallery of Fine Arts. At the bottom of the home page you will find links to the latest DKG publications and the DKG Twitter and Facebook feeds. 

Under Committees you will find all international committees, the Arts & Humanities Jury, the Editorial Board, and the Forums. Each "committee" page has links to their resources and documents to download as well as appropriate deadlines and Frequently Asked Questions. At the bottom of many pages are links to printable versions of the information on that page. 

The Events menu button will take you to international convention and regional conference information, a calendar of DKG international committee meetings and events, and information about the National Legislative Seminar. In the future it will also include information about the Leadership Management seminar and past events.

All forms and applications, with the exception of forms pertaining to the international convention or regional conferences, can be found under the Forms menu button. Forms are broken down into nine categories: application, Award Concepts order, contribution, general, membership, press release, reports, treasurer and website. Forms are a member only area which requires log in.

The Resources menu is also member only and is where you will find Society brochures, chapter resources such as the new recruitment plan and orientation presentation, official DKG logos and the guidelines for using them, music, presentations, publications including the new Collegial Exchange magazine, and Society documents available for download such as the Constitution and International Standing Rules

Be a Member is where prospective members will go to learn more about the benefits of belonging to DKG. It includes brief descriptions of the insurance programs available to U.S. members and discounts available through DKG partnerships.

Under the Projects menu, you can find information about the official Society projects, Schools for Africa and Supporting Early-career Educators. 

About us gives the overview of what DKG is. You can see how the Society was started, download photos of the Founders and read their bios, and find information about the Administrative and Executive Boards. 

is all about the member. This is where you will go to update your profile and change your address, access Communities, find new friends in the Member Directory, learn more about insurance programs and other discounts available to you through membership, and download the DKG business card template to have your own cards made. Be sure to fill out your profile and click YES - Include my DKG Profile in the Members Only Online Directory to be included in the Member Directory. Only members can see your information and you have to click YES to be included. When filling out your profile you will notice that it asks for your birth date, including the year. Do not worry, no one will see how old you are, the year is hidden on your public (to DKG) profile, only you can see that.

Contact Us is your one stop shop for communicating with Society Headquarters. The buttons on the top left, above the photo, will allow you to send an email to the appropriate HQ staff member if you are not sure who you need to contact. If you know the staff member you should contact, clicking on their name will open an email window (if you use a desktop based email software) or just hovering will show you the email.

If you find any errors, please contact Nita Scott and/or Camille Kirkbride.