Impacting Educational Law and Policy

Why is impacting educational law and policy important to the women of Delta Kappa Gamma?

As educators we have a relationship with politically based groups that make and implement educational law and policy. Because of our expertise, we need to communicate with law makers, boards of education, boards of trustees, and other officials that impact education.

The Society Founders were activist women committed to taking stands on issues. The May 1998 Delta Kappa Gamma NEWS cited examples of the activism and lobbying by the Founders. Founder Lela Lee Williams led a march down the streets of Dallas to demonstrate the need for a teacher pay increase. Founder Mamie Sue Bastion lobbied Houston Representatives in order to get an education bill out of committee and onto the floor where it passed. Founder Lalla M. Odom, who had been on a regular contract, refused a substitute contract after she married. By holding her ground, she changed the practices of offering contracts only to unmarried women. These women set the stage for the Society to be actively involved in the legislative process. (From the DKG 2006-2010 Program Resource Guide)

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