The Board of Directors of the DKG International Educators Foundation hope each of you are staying safe. Remember to “Social Distance” and stay home unless you have to go in public for essentials to protect yourself and your loved ones.
There is a silver lining during this time of stress for each of us. We have not only our individual friends and family, but our DKG friends that are like family. Remember that you are important and that others care about you. Contact members via multiple social media avenues or snail mail. The time is NOW to show others you care. We are EDUCATORS; yes we do educate the world, but we also CARE about people.

About the
DKG International Educators Foundation

DKG International Educators Foundation (DKGIEF) began a new phase of The Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation (DKGEF) that was established in 1964. The new name was established as a result of the merger of DKG Supporting Corporation (DKGSC) which was established in 2010, merging with the DKGEF in 2020.


The Delta Kappa Gamma International Educators Foundation supports effective educational projects, the educational and charitable activities of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, and professional growth of educators worldwide.


Giving To Educate the World

DKGIEF Brochure



1. Support and encourage intercultural understanding

2. Encourage standards of excellence in education

3. Assist and cooperate with schools, colleges, universities, and other persons, organizations, trust funds, or foundations in support, encouragement, and improvement of education.


Make a contribution to a DKG International Educators Foundation by selecting fund of your choice below:

Cornetet Award

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Educational Projects

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Educators Award Fund

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Emergency Fund

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Eunah Temple Holden Leadership Fund

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Golden Gift Fund

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International Speakers Fund

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World Fellowship Fund

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