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International Convention

Philadelphia, PA | July 7-11, 2020

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Jane Golden

American Artist and Director of Mural Arts Philadelphia

  Keynote Speaker - 2nd General Session | July 8th

As the Executive Director of Mural Arts Philadelphia, the nation’s largest public art program, Jane Golden has seen her city transform through creativity and grit. Under Golden’s leadership, Mural Arts is a model for community development and restorative justice around the globe. In her talks, she shows how public art lowers crime rates, fortifies local business, and brings pride to unloved areas. For the people whose lives it’s changed, art means feeling at home in your own neighborhood.
In 1984, the city of Philadelphia was blighted by graffiti. Jane Golden was tapped by the mayor to apprehend the graffiti crisis in whatever way she could. As she describes in her invigorating talks, when traditional intervention fails, we need to think outside the box. For Golden, this meant reaching out to the city’s graffiti artists, creating opportunities to put their art on walls in a more beautiful, constructive way. Shockingly, the new murals weren’t defaced, and through 35 years and five mayors, Mural Arts now produces work designed by a diverse range of artists from across the nation, painted by both professional artists, and collaboratively with community members. Because of Mural Arts, neighborhoods previously marked by crime and neglect are now sources of dignity and respect. Creativity and art can help us come up with fresh approaches to civic restoration, says Golden, and that isn’t limited to mural painting. Her talks speak to the possibility of bringing hope to life in cities of brick and mortar, through the empowering work of collective creativity.

As its Executive Director, Golden has overseen Mural Arts’ growth from a small city agency into the nation’s largest public art program, with more than 4,000 murals completed. Golden is an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where she teaches a class on the history and practice of Mural Arts. She holds a MFA from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, and degrees in Fine Arts and Political Science from Stanford University, as well as multiple honorary doctorates.

Mural Arts of Philadelphia

Olympia LePoint

Award-Winning Rocket Scientist, Science Entertainer & Educator

Keynote Speaker - 3rd General Session | July 9th

Hailed the “New Einstein” by her fans, and named the “Modern Day Hidden Figure” by People Magazine, Olympia LePoint is the New Neil DeGrasse Tyson for TV presenting on Science. Olympia LePoint is an award-winning rocket scientist, self-help thought author and “Answers Unleashed” podcast host who is launching lives into educational success. LePoint has been seen by Millions of internet viewers for her TED Talk, CBS News, and Impact Theory appearances. From poverty, a face stabbing, and #MeToo childhood sexual abuse in her youth, Olympia LePoint overcame failing math scores and graduated The top 5 from the California State University Northridge class to later help launch 28 NASA Space Shuttle missions into space. Today, LePoint’s Mission Control Room desk is a science exhibit at the California Science Center.

A math professor at Pasadena City College, Olympia LePoint’s highly popular TEDx talk, "Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear," has garnered nearly 1M views worldwide. Now through her podcast and radio show “Answers Unleashed,” she shares her faith, education and wisdom to empower audiences in pursuing a higher education. She ignites brains to invent global solutions. Her award-winning books Answers Unleashed: The Science of Unleashing Your Brain’s Power which exposes her personal story with breakthrough thought science theories, and Mathaphobia: How You Can Overcome Your Math Fears and Become a Rocket Scientist has positively changed lives around the world. As a science expert who regularly explains SpaceX and NASA rocket technology on CBS2 News, Olympia LePoint has appeared on KTLA Morning News, PBS, NBC, the CW,, in Mashable Magazine, Newspapers across Canada and the U.K., and wrote articles on The Huffington Post.

Your registration for convention will automatically enter you to win a small group lunch with Olympia on Thursday, July 9th at 12:00pm.
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