Sazerac House Event | July 12 | 7PM

The 2022 convention will be an in-person event. View the New Orleans COVID Safety Plan HERE.

Convention Event Highlights the Sazerac House Museum

What is the Sazerac House? This question is on the mind of many DKG members as they make plans to attend the 2022 DKG International Convention. You might have asked this question as you scanned the Schedule at a Glance and began to register for the convention.
The Sazerac House is a museum that convention attendees will have an opportunity to visit during a ticketed event scheduled on Tuesday after the opening session. This evening proves to be one that you will not want to miss as conference attendees will converge on this site for a time of fun, entertainment and a glimpse into the past. Don’t miss out on registering for this event while preparing to attend the 2022 DKG Convention in New Orleans – tickets may be limited in number so be sure to get one early!
Here is just a glimpse into what awaits at the Sazerac House:

• The Sazerac House offers those who come through its doors a wealth of culture and tradition. As Prohibition came to a close many establishments kept the recipes of the infamous “spirits” of the time. These recipes have become the foundation of establishments steeped rich in history and legend such as the Sazerac House. The original Sazerac Coffee House opened in the 1850s just a few hundred feet from the new Sazerac House which opened in October 2019.
• The Sazerac cocktail is the house specialty. So popular was the drink that in 2008 Louisiana legislature designated Sazerac as the city’s official cocktail! Guests are treated to samples of cocktails and products during the evening while chatting with virtual bartenders about the making of signature cocktails along with guides on creating a special drink.
• Guests are given insight into the making of Sazerac cocktails and drinks. While at the same time treated to an evening of entertainment in this three-story museum which houses a working distillery and interactive exhibits dedicated to New Orleans Cocktails. Guests can sip cocktails while sitting at a simulation of the original Sazerac Cafe tables.

Visit the Sazerac House Museum website at https://www.sazerachouse.com/ for more information or check out one of many virtual tours on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OHOc5wPfuA . The question remains “Have you registered for the Convention and added The Sazerac House to your itinerary?” Don’t miss out on this event and the opportunity to visit with DKG members while adding some fun with an evening at the Sazerac House.