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DKG is a professional honor society of key women educators worldwide.

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Member Spotlight

   Reshanta Stewart

Educator in Texas for 28 years, high standards of schoolwork, and equally high expectations in learning are among a few of the phrases to describe Reshanta Stewart. Ms. Stewart works tirelessly as a first grade teacher as well as a member of Xi chapter, Texas.

Reshanta has increased the visibility of Xi and DKG in her community in numerous ways. Xi collects purses for Handbags for Hope. The chapter supports, “The Locker,” a comfort closet for students, with needed supplies like shampoo, school supplies, and clothing. Xi also as supports local food banks. Xi is well-known for its acts of service but Reshanta has promoted DKG with community involvement in a much broader way. Reshanta plans fundraising efforts for her chapter so that community service projects can continue and don’t tap into members’ pocketbooks. She is always willing to take on additional responsibilities, chair committees, and hold officers positions within the chapter.