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Arkansas Gamma Omicron Honors Elizabeth Eckford

Gamma Omicron, Little Rock, Arkansas, recognizes and honors men and women who have made significant contributions to education and to the community with The Red Rose. The 2017 Red Rose recipient is Elizabeth Eckford, who was one of the Little Rock Nine who integrated Central High 60 years ago. Her photo is probably one of the most popular in the world as we see her walking away from Central High with an angry crowd following her.

Most Gamma Omicron members are educators at Little Rock Central High School. The Red Rose Award recognizes Eckford for her impact on expanding educational access in America, an undeniably courageous contribution, and for her continuing efforts to educate youth about civil rights -- teaching them that they have the power to make a difference.

In addition to the traditional long stem rose and certificate, the chapter also gifted her with two rose bushes, one to be planted in her yard and the other to be planted in front of the Central High Library. Ms. Eckford loves to read and loves flowers.


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