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Colorado Member Builds Bridges to the World

Colorado Omega chapter members are very proud of our Melanie Briscoe. She has been in DKG for 29 years and served as president just 4 years after being initiated. Melanie was raised in a scientific community where her father was a physicist. When she decided she wanted flute lessons there were none available in her neighborhood. No problem. Her parents found a teacher in another town and her father faithfully FLEW her to her lesson each week. Yes, Melanie is an accomplished flutist.

For many years we have enjoyed Melanie’s lead in our World Fellowship activity. They are always fun and teach us about our DKG sister countries. For example, her media presentations have been shared emphasizing cultural, historic, and scientific aspects of Norway, Iceland, and Sweden. This includes visits to Icelandic elementary schools where she saw a beautiful cultural cross-over of skills being taught. The boys and girls were all taught both shop and knitting!

Vizina states, Melanie is a retired Rangeview High School and Community College of Aurora teacher. She held a fulltime and part time job together for many years teaching geology and other sciences as needed. Several years ago she travelled to Iceland to learn more about geology. While there a volcano erupted and she met the world’s foremost expert on volcanic activity. She presented a DKG program to our chapter about her travels there. She especially was pleased to be able to donate books to an Icelandic elementary school which had recently been damaged by an eruption.

She is proud of her Norwegian heritage and speaks the language. She found that she could understand a lot of Icelandic as it is similar to Norwegian. She was a caregiver for her parents for many years. As you can see, Melanie is a valued member of our organization with her many talents and her spirit of giving.

Melanie is pictured in her native dress – an outfit she herself made.



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