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DKG: Making an Impact Worldwide

While Dr. Chi Ekwenye Hendricks was in the states for a visit, Linda Byrd, Beta Kappa Chapter, invited her to attend The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International convention in Nashville, TN. Dr. Hendricks was so impressed with the speakers, breakout sessions, and DKG members, she wanted to be a part of this awesome organization and share it with her colleagues in Nigeria. Georgia State Organization and Beta Kappa Chapter got busy to make this wish come true. Dr. Hendricks was initiated into the Beta Kappa Chapter August 20, 2016, in Norcross, GA.

Chi grew up in Southern Nigeria, the youngest of nine children to a rural itinerant preacher, during the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970). She observed firsthand what starvation and homelessness can do in the lives of children like her. Chi was eight years old when she received her first pair of shoes, a luxury that most of those around her did not have. She very proudly carried her new treasure to school to share the excitement with her friends, letting each friend take a turn trying on the new shoes. Chi’s young tender heart dreamed of one day being able to give every person in her village a new pair of shoes.

Chi was educated in Nigeria, receiving a bachelor’s degree in education. She taught school and worked for the Ministry of Education as an inspector of education before leaving for the United States in 1988. She obtained a Master’s degree in School Counseling from Georgia State University in 1994 and completed her dissertation and received her Doctoral degree in Child and Family Development from the University of Georgia in 2000. Chi never forgot her background and the extreme poverty that plagued people in her part of the world, especially as it affected women and children. In 1995, while working for Georgia Agape in Atlanta, Chi worked with some friends to found Right Steps, Inc.

Chi returned to Nigeria in 1998 and continues now to live at Susana Homes and serves as the Director of Right Steps, managing the employees for the home and school, and serving as "Mama" for the 60 plus children there. Besides being "Mama," Chi uses her spare time to speak, to motivate, and to encourage individuals and groups to pay more attention to the plight of destitute women and underprivileged children. She belongs to several national and international organizations such as The International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) and Abia Child Care Workers’ Workshops, where she uses her presentations to influence issues in care for African children.

Chi is excited to become a DKG member and recognizes how membership in this organization will help improve the education at Right Steps Christian Schools at Susana Homes, Nigeria. Georgia State Organization and Beta Kappa Chapter are also excited to have Chi in our sisterhood and look forward to working with her.


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