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Dr. Evelyn Lugo-Morales

Evelyn Lugo-Morales, Puerto Rico State Organization President, is a reflective leader.

As State Organization President, Lugo-Morales has played a major role in organizing and coordinating the post-hurricane Maria recovery projects from 2017 to the present. “Backpacks of Love” have been sent to schools with supplies and other resources to be shared with teachers, students, and parents. A new project, organized after the January 2020 earthquake, has been devoted to delivering school materials to teachers in order to alleviate some of the needs of the students and teachers. They have also received emergency backpacks for each classroom as part of the ongoing project of DKG Puerto Rico. Lugo-Morales has received donations and resources from many chapter members in the States that have contributed toward preparing these resources for the Puerto Rican community. She has sent pictures and press releases to the local media and social media noting the many contributions for recovery which have also made DKG visible across Puerto Rico.

Other projects Lugo-Morales has designed with the Puerto Rico members include: “Bringing Smiles” (Three Kings Day celebration) which involves gifts for children of different ages, “Kinder Classroom DKG Puerto Rico Project”, the adoption of two kindergarten classrooms providing classroom materials and backpacks and “Emergency Backpacks for Classrooms” which are filled with emergency supplies and whistles.
After 44 years as an educator from elementary to postgraduate teaching, Lugo-Morales has many accomplishments that make her proud of her students. She retired from the university level as a full professor. Now she is an ESL Curriculum Specialist and she is even more devoted to DKG Puerto Rico and her Delta Chapter. On the International level, she is a member of the 2019 DKG Next Group and a DKG International Speaker. Evelyn Lugo-Morales is a member worth spotlighting.


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