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Linda McElroy

Pennsylvania Alpha Beta Chapter member, Linda McElroy, dreamed of an educational journey. She wanted to travel to Africa, learn about the culture, observe the wild animals, and visit schools there. She applied for an Enrichment Grant to help with the expenses. Alpha Alpha State (PA) awarded her this grant in 2014.

While on her trip she, her husband, and friends learned about the culture, saw many wild animals and made many great memories. But perhaps one of the most memorable sights was when they met an orphaned brother and sister who were trying to build a kitchen so they would have a place to prepare food. This was a very sad but moving moment for the entire group. So moving in fact, that they reached into their own pockets to donate money toward the completion of the kitchen. Linda also learned about a group of secondary students who had no school building and were forced to hold class outside under a tree. Many parents were reluctant to send their children on the up to 20-mile walk to this outside school. There was always the possibility that a wild animal could attack their young children. Linda knew that she had to help these children have a safe place to learn.

Linda returned home, but her journey and dream did not stop here. She applied to the Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation and in 2016 was awarded a $10,000 grant toward a building project for the Jabulani School located near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. She submitted reports on the progress of the building throughout the year. Realizing the potential for the completion of this building in sight, she reapplied in 2017 and was awarded another $10,000 grant by the Educational Foundation for Phase Two of the building project.

Linda McElroy has become a catalyst for positive change both locally and internationally while realizing her own dream, but Linda’s efforts did not stop there. She has been facilitating the building of another school for African children with continued help from generous Delta Kappa Gamma members.

Before Funding…A cement foundation sat several years and deteriorated because money was not available to complete the school. These two pictures show secondary boys playing on the old cement slab that had been designated for the secondary building.
After 1st Year Funding…The pictures below show the improvement to the old foundation that had fallen into disrepair, and the work that has been completed on the secondary school building for Jabulani School. Contractors were needed for the construction. Parent volunteers carried supplies and water to the site with donkey carts. The parents also mixed mortar for the contractors.


After 2nd Year Funding… The second grant of $10,000 was used to purchase and transport the wood materials for the roof. It also provided funds for labor. The roof was completed, and framing was provided for windows and doors.

The picture below shows the principal, Sefiwe Ndhlovu, holding a thank you for a friend’s donation to the school. Beside her is our wonderful guide, Harrison Murango.  He has been instrumental in helping make this effort possible.


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