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DKG Member Makes a Difference in Her Community

DKG member Lisa Olson (Minot, North Dakota) is an educator, a leader and politician. As an alderman for the City of Minot, she will tell you that her leadership biography goes “hand in hand” with her political biography and her extensive resume reflects those parallels. From seventh grade until now, her natural leadership traits have drawn her peers to elect her to a variety of leadership positions in her school, in DKG, in her community and in the many organizations in which she is involved.

When first encouraged to run for office ten years ago, Olson ran for city council and was not elected. However, she was proud to portray to her daughter and other young girls that “a woman ran for elected office and lost with dignity.” Again encouraged by community members to run a second time for a position on the city council, she was elected – the first woman elected in 12 years and only the 6th woman elected to the city council in Minot’s history. Recently re-elected, Olson continues to enjoy the rewards and challenges of her position. She balances her careers, both as a professional educator and an elected official, with her roles as wife, mother and grandmother.

In Gamma Chapter and the North Dakota State Organization, Olson has served in a variety of capacities, including president of both. As a member of the 2016-2018 International Educational Excellence Committee, she has encourages members to be involved in the legislative process locally and run for office where possible. She states, “It continues to be my hope that other women will choose to run, because our perspective is valuable to the success of a city, state or country.”

As a professional educator and member of one of the greatest women’s organizations in the world, how can you make a difference in your corner of the world?


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