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Ohio Member Stays Connected Even Without a “Connection”

A member since 1979, Sally Holt (Ohio Beta Epsilon Chapter) calls herself “one of those Oldies” who finds it challenging to join in the DKG experience online. She does not have a computer at home, so she really appreciates receiving the print version of the DKGNews. In order to stay in touch with DKG in other ways, she sometimes visits the library to use the computer and access the DKG Website. However, as Sally said, “by the time my turn comes up [on the computer] at the library, the 50 minutes you’re allowed just flies by.” The real lesson to be learned from Sally, however, can be found in her next words: “I’ll try to find someone to help me ‘complete my profile’ as you describe.” While many members with constant access to technology still have not created a DKG Member Profile, Sally is planning time at the library to create hers!

Sally hopes to attend the Northeast Regional Conference this year as it is close to her home in Ohio because she recalls her wonderful experiences at prior conventions and conferences. Thanks to the print copy of the DKG News she receives, she feels connected even as a reserve member because she reads “every word.” How amazing that, even though it takes an extra effort that many of us cannot imagine, Sally stays in touch with everything DKG despite her challenges.

So, Sally would tell us all to read the DKG News, keep an eye on the website, sign in and choose to receive DKG communications, create a profile and join a community. She makes every effort to stay connected and enjoy all the benefits of membership – what might you do to be connected too?


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