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Little Libraries Make a Big Impact

Have you noticed the little free libraries springing up around the world? Maybe you've seen one while on vacation at the beach or on an elementary school campus in your community. A November/December 2015 issue of DKG News featured a little free library stewarded by the Tau chapter in Iowa (pages 7-8). You can learn more about the little free library movement at

Bianka Stumpf, a member of the Delta Rho chapter, and her family opened their own little free library in October 2015. It was the first registered with an official charter in Lee County, North Carolina. It is the Stumpfs' hope that this little box will encourage their community to read more and share more. Sanford's Little Free Library was inspired by the two Stumpf children, Cora and Jude, who were four and seven years old when the library opened. Cora and Jude love to read and share the gift of stories (as do their parents). The Stumpfs' little free library is in their front yard (148 Brookfield Circle in Sanford) and has books for both youth and adult readers. The Stumpfs have a Facebook page (Sanford's Little Free Library) where they post what books are in circulation and announcements for in-person book swaps.

Additionally, Bianka Stumpf serves on the Board of Directors for the Lee County Partnership for Children, an organization that serves birth to Kindergarten children and has literacy at the root of its work. In 2017, the Lee County Partnership for Children is working to install three little free libraries throughout the county in an effort to bring books to children.

When the library first opened about eighteen months ago, Cora soon spotted a family she didn't know choosing books. She was beaming and giddily ran to them to announce, "You're here! You're here! And you're taking books to read! And I gave them to you. I love you." The little free library momentum in Lee County seems a fitting reflection of Delta Rho Chapter's mission of loving literacy.

Consider making a little free library your next chapter project!


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