FUNd Rai$ing Ideas You Can Take to the Bank 

Involve other people besides members in the fundraising efforts.


  1. White Elephant Silent Auction with time limit on things we buy, never use, collect from friends 
  2. Silent auction of items donated by the members/community (Chapters have holiday breakfast together)
  3. Themed decorated reading book bags (adult and child) examples:  holidays, chocolate lovers, coffee time,                            
       back to school, etc.
  4. Themed baskets used as centerpieces for a DKG event
  5. Live auction (with real auctioneer who donates services) of items donated by members/community: crafts
  6. Pies - members bid on slice
  7. Bid on poinsettia plants at Christmas  
  8. Basket auction around a theme—chocolate, spa items, season of year, etc. and sell tickets at 25 
      cents each or more and place them in can set in front of each basket 
  9. Silent auction of wrapped items and include a poem or saying that gives clue to contents
10. A Charity Auction with a pre-Thanksgiving theme with food platters, dinnerware, glasses, etc. to feed 
      disabled children, families with special needs, elderly living alone, veterans, etc. to enhance their own    
      Thanksgiving celebrations


  1. Food Sales: (baked goods and nuts) take orders, set up table in community, e.g.,“One-day Cafés”  in park
  2. Yard/Garage Sales containing donated items from members and neighbors –link with another member 
      or neighbor to raise profit
  3. Sell donated items on E-bay 
  4. Sales of books, candy, plants, cookbooks, recipes (providing samples helps)
  5. Coffee Break at interstate rest stops
  6. Buck a Book: sell used books for a dollar or bid on them ,
  7. Homemade items: jams and jellies, crafts
  8. Sell DKG or education designed items:  sweatshirts, mugs, stationery, pins, cards, calendars, and ribbons
  9. Rummage/Flea Market        
10. Panera Bread and Village Inn offer gift cards and DKG gets a percentage.  Some restaurants allow jar at 
       register or give percentage of sales for designated night or certain hours.
11. Sell gently used purses:  put a surprise in one purse or in every purse such as lotion, gift card, holiday 
       decoration (could be auctioned especially with member acting as live auctioneer)
12. Sale of Butter Braid Breads
13. Old Jewelry:  collect old jewelry from members, clean it, bag it, and sell for $1, $3, or, $5 
14. Sell emergency kits
15. Pick blueberries, take orders from community, and package by pound
16. Yankee Candle:  take orders from members, friends, and family over 3-month period from company that  
       awards 40% of profit to organizations
17. Buy Spoonfuls:  pay $1 or less for each spoonful from a variety of dishes for meal that was 
       prepared and donated by members
18. 20-lbs of Various Cuts of Meat:  make arrangements with local meat locker and take orders
19. Sell items made at a Creative Arts Retreat or program
20. Sell Society paraphernalia
21. Decoupage coasters, using napkins as design
22. Order books from the internet : and sell at meeting
23. Use town markets with appropriate ware for special events, e.g., Easter eggs, Christmas decor
24. Ask companies for donations and sell them


  1. Quilted items: wall, throw, bed
  2. Gift baskets
  3. Gas card or Lottery ticket drawing
  4. Draw for door prize donated by a chapter member at each chapter meeting, donating proceeds to DKG fund   
      (winner brings a prize to the next meeting)
  5. Local artist’s painting or other work of art
  6. 50/50 Drawing– sell tickets for donated prize or money and winner receives prize or one half the money
  7. Donate something intriguing (week at a timeshare, time in the mountains, rodeo tickets) and sell 
      tickets for drawing

   1. Jewelry exchange, bring jewelry and buy other member pieces
   2. Be a Vendor at an international, regional conference, or state organization event
   3. Box/Supper/Social:  Each person brings a boxed meal.  Members pay $5 to $7 each.  Boxes are numbered            
       and members draw a number for their boxed meal.
  4. Gift wrapping at local mall/retail outlet
  5. Monitor tests and donate pay to chapter
  6. Booth at staff development or teacher’s meeting
  7. Game Night (with admission fee)  make this a tournament, playing rounds
  8. Recycle ink cartridges and electronic devices with
  9. Write grants to local Wal-Mart/Matching Funds
10. Partner with Rotary International for a chapter/state literacy project.
11. Luncheon, Dinner: donated food prepared by members, charge a fee, served by officers or local celebrities
12. DKG members babysit for hourly fee during holiday season
13. Christmas Boutique:  members bring handmade or purchased items
14.  Non-event (tea, meal, bake sale):  members pay but there is no event, perhaps create a poem to 
       invite members to take part in the non-event 
15. Sell tickets to tea or luncheon with each table featuring a theme—holiday, country, season, sport, 
      etc. and provide a style show or inspiring speaker
16. City Sports Venues will often pay organizations to clean up after an event
17. Trivia Night:  invite public with 8 to a table at cost of $10 each and winners receive a predetermined 
       percentage of total.  Google “Trivia Fundraising”  for step-by-step directions. 
18. Scrapbooking Night: contact scrapbooking store that has room to offer classes.  Hold 12-hr. session 
      and charge $25-$45 for space and meals.  Store may share database.  If not, advertise.  Attendees 
      bring supplies but also buy from store which profits.  (Chapter made $1,000 and store did as well.)
19. Golf Scramble Tournament:  invite the men to participate as well
20. Corn Hole Tournament:   similar to horseshoes but using a slanted board and bean bags - men also enjoy 
21. Photo Shoot – take photos for chapter history or make greeting photo greeting cards
22. Trunk or Car Boot Sales.  Put garage sale items in the trunk or boot of an automobile.  Charge for (when 
       working with others) or pay for (if joining other groups) for a spot to park and all proceeds go to DKG.     
       Advertising is needed.  Event can be based on children’s items, books, plants, etc.
23.  Friendship Night – ½ members bring food, other ½ pay and later in the year reverse responsibilities
24.  “Murder Mystery Evening” for members and guests who pay an entry to play game (similar to Cluedo) and   
        object is to spot guilty culprit after following clues, answering questions from detective, and listening to 
25. Joint meetings with another chapter to share expenses of room hire, etc.
26. Make Christmas cards and sell handicrafts at Christmas Market
27. Interactive creative workshops at chapter meetings culminating in donations
28. Golf Day with lady golfers

  1. Pass the basket or plate: donate designated amount per member with annual membership
  2. Members empty purse – 10 cents for each item in purse
  3. Celebration Sock – member brings a sock for the season, hands it to member who tells good news and tucks 
       in some money and passes the sock to another, and so on.  Use money to buy gift card for a new teacher 
       and give her information about DKG
  4. Honor a chapter member’s birthday (or special  event) by making a donation in that person’s name
  5. “Pay” at a meeting to “brag” about family or school activities
  6. Collect change at meetings
  7. Request a specific amount of money at a meeting (e.g. $1.00) for a specific reason (e.g. donation to  
      children’s section of the public library)
  8. Piggy Bank to collect for postage, grants, Schools for Africa, etc. 
  9. Members’ donations instead of sending Christmas cards to each other– for scholarships
10. Open homes for a small fee to members visiting the area 
11. Pay more than ordinary dues for funds (each year)
12. Chapter Member to Member Fund/Emergency Fund – anonymous help for those with physical and other 
       needs or help in the payment of dues to avoid “drop outs”
13. First Timers –for a project to be supported it needs a name and designated person responsible and perhaps 
       use funds to pay for First Timers to come to conferences