Steps to Having Your Website Linked to DKG.ORG


  1. Create your website. If you need to rent web space from international, fill out Form 74 – Website Rental Request. Please note that if you are using a service like that hosts websites you do not need to fill out this form.

  2. Review your website to ensure you have met all of the Standards required by International. The Standards can be found on the website forms page . A handy checklist can be found on the website forms page, too.

  3. When you have verified that you have met the standards, fill out Form 72 – Society Website Compliance Assurance Form and e-mail it to Society headquarters at

  4. After your submitted Form 72 is received, the webmaster at Society headquarters will then send you a seal of linkage within 7 to 10 days.

  5. Please make sure to post the seal at the bottom of your homepage when you receive it from headquarters then email them back to let them know you've done so. Then they link your website to the international website.

  6. Remember that you will need to reassert compliance at the beginning of each International Biennium in order to remain linked to the international website! (Every two years around September)