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2015 Form for Submitting ISR Proposals
2015 International Achievement Award Guidelines
2015 NERC Registration Form
2015 NWRC Registration Form
2015 SERC Registration Form
A 139 2015 Speaker Application
2015 SWRC Registration Form
127 2016 International Scholarship Application Form
A-136 2016 Vendor Exhibitor Application Form
15 Annual Report of Chapter Treasurer (Form 15)
16 Annual Report of State Organization Treasurer - Fiscal Year July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015
141 Arts & Humanities Submission Form Fall 2015 - PDF
141 Arts & Humanities Submission Form Fall 2015 - Word
27 Change of Address (form 27) - Word Interactive
087 Change of Treasurer (Form 87)
020 Chapter Dues and Fees (Form 20)
Chapter Guard Order Form
2 Chapter Necrology Annual Report Form
110 Chapter Officers Reporting Form to State-ORG Interactive 2014-2016
54 Chapter Presidents Annual Report Form
043 Contribution to the Society (Form 43)
006 Death of a Member Report (Form 6)
123 Dues Reminder - 3 up (Form 123)
123 Dues Reminder - Single (Form 123)
084 Emergency Fund Assistance Request
51 Facilities Request Form
Founders Collection Order Form
81 Initiate Card (Form 81) - Interactive Word
Leadership Management Seminar Application
Leadership Management Seminar Chapter President Reference
Leadership Management Seminar Professional Reference
082 Member Biographical Data Sheet (Form 82)
Membership & Marketing Brochure Order Form
Nominations Guidelines for Recommending or Endorsing
Nominations Instructions for Nominations Recommendations
97 Nominations Official Endorsement Form
Nominations Recommendation Form
Officer Dangle Order Form
Official Jewelry Collection Order Form
001 Order Form 1
Paraphernalia Order Form
Policy for Digital Communications
Press Release for Chapter President
Press Release for State Organization Presidents
Press Release Form (Template)
Press Release Form for Chapter Presidents
011 Recommendation for Membership (Form 11)
83 Reinstated Member (Form 83) - Word Interactive
18 Report of Dues and Fees (Form 18)
018A Report of Members Dropped (Form 18A)
21A Request for Charter (Form 21A)
21B Request for Charter Instructions (Form 21B)
Request for Speaker Form
Schools for Africa
SEE Chapter Report Form
SEE- Volunteer Hours
Silver Jewelry Order Form
72 Society Website Certification/Recertification Request Form 72
Standards Checklist
72a Standards for Society Website Certification Form 72a
3 State Necrology Report
7 State Organization President Annual Report
019 Transfer Letter (Form TR-19)
TR-A Transfer Request (Form TR-A) - Interactive Word
70 Travel Expense Reimbursement Form
60 Wall of Roses Leaf Reservation
79 Website Account Set Up Request Form 79
Website Release Form for Chapters
074 Webspace Rental Request (Form 74)