Member Spotlight

DKG highlights women, who are doing impactful things in their school, their community or around the world. Member Spotlight gives members the opportunity to nominate a woman who they believe is worthy of this recognition. Application information along with several archived Member Spotlights is available above.

Project Spotlight

DKG highlights chapters and state organizations who have noteworthy projects. Project Spotlight shares the good work done by DKG members through activities such as time capsules to be opened at our Centennial Celebration, blankets made alongside Girl Scouts and several literacy projects. Do you know of a chapter worthy of this recognition? Nominate them today!

International Achievement Award Recipients

DKG honors one member annually who has gone above and beyond in her DKG participation. Membership in DKG is considered an honor, but the International Achievement Award is truly special because it highlights the distinguished work done by some incredible women.

Scholarship Recipients

DKG awards thousands of dollars to members earning graduate or doctoral degrees. Recipients of these valuable scholarship followed the application process detailed on the DKG website. Students earning a Masters Degree may be awarded $6,000 and students earning their PhD may be awarded $10,000. Since 1940, 5.6 million dollars have been awarded to over 1,100 members.

Educators Book Award Recipients

DKG honors an author whose book is impactful for educators or for readers who consider education vital to our future. Thought provoking ideas, new concepts and an appealing style are all considered when choosing the Educator's Book Award. For a list of titles and more information, click here.

Chapter & State Level Recognition

DKG members at the Chapter and State levels recognize the work done by our members. Share your member recognitions with us on social media to highlight the work being done by your members on a local level!