Leadership in DKG
Becoming a leader in Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG) brings forth a myriad of benefits. It's not just about holding a title; it's about personal and professional growth.

DKG offers unparalleled opportunities for continuous learning and skill development through seminars, workshops, and conferences, enriching leadership capabilities and educational expertise. Moreover, leaders in DKG have the chance to build extensive networks locally, nationally, and internationally, fostering relationships that can lead to collaboration, mentorship, and career advancement. Serving in leadership roles within DKG not only enhances one's advocacy skills but also provides a platform to champion important educational issues and initiatives, contributing to positive change within the field of education both locally and globally.

Ultimately, being a leader in DKG is about making a meaningful impact, both within the organization and in the broader educational community, while also gaining recognition, respect, and personal fulfillment along the way.
"DKG has been an invaluable platform for honing my leadership skills. From serving as chapter president to contributing on an international committee, each role has enriched my experience beyond the confines of a classroom. These opportunities have expanded my horizons and empowered me in ways traditional teaching roles cannot. I am deeply appreciative of the encouragement and support I've received, fostering my growth as a leader within DKG."
Heather Dunn

Every DKG member is considered a leader – a woman who wants to make a difference. How you choose to lead is up to you, but DKG offers support for that leadership in many ways:

Chapter Leadership

Stepping into leadership roles fosters personal growth through learning experiences. Leaders develop resilience, communication skills, and empathy as they navigate diverse situations. Serving others cultivates confidence, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of teamwork. Through leadership, individuals unlock their potential and become catalysts for positive change.

State Leadership

At the state level, members contribute by joining committees, attending leadership seminars, and pursuing elected positions. These opportunities enable active involvement and influence in shaping our organization's direction and initiatives.

International Leadership

Serving on international committees allows members to learn more about DKG and its various working/moving parts. Committees complete much of the work of the Society. Every committee member brings a personal perspective, talents, and ideas to the table and contributes to the projects, service, and programs of the group. It is a wonderfully fulfilling growth experience.

DKG Next

DKG Next is a specialized program tailored for members who have recently joined our organization, with less than five years of experience under their belt. This initiative serves as a platform for newcomers to delve deeper into understanding DKG's mission, values, and operations while actively contributing to shaping its future. Through DKG Next, members have the opportunity to engage in learning sessions, connect with peers, and participate in initiatives aimed at driving innovation and progress within our community.

DKG Ignite

This one-week seminar offers curated courses which focus on various aspects of leadership. Sessions encourage exploration and discovery of personal leadership style and strengths. Participants learn new leadership skills which will help them to continue to develop personally, professionally and as leaders in any arena.

Leadership Discovery Centre

Contains both Leadership Resources from around the world and programs that DKG recommends. Articles, videos, and speakers are featured here. The Centre is home to juried submissions by members, so any member may make submissions.

Officer Resources

DKG offers valuable resources for Presidents, Membership Chairs, EEC, Treasurers, Editors, and Webmasters to aid them in being the best leaders for their chapters.


DKG publications provide members an opportunity to make their voices heard on a global level. It helps to keep them informed of issues relevant to DKG and are shared with the entire DKG community. The Bulletin and Collegial Exchange consist of articles and other items written by DKG members. All members are encouraged to submit their work.

International Speaker Fund (ISF)

Directed by DKGIEF, this fund covers travel expenses for selected speakers to present sessions on preferred topics in countries other than their own. State organizations request speakers from a list of those selected by committee to present at a meeting. Any member who enjoys public speaking or presenting may apply to be a part of the ISF group of speakers.