Dr. Cora M. Martin

Born November 22, 1884 Deceased April 12, 1965

"Cora Merriman was the youngest of eight children born to Theodore and Elizabeth Merriman of Chico, Texas. Soon after graduation from high school there, Cora married Francis Robert Martin. Their happy together on a ranch at Martin's Prairie was cut shortly by his death the following year. Then it was that Mrs. Martin began preparation for a teaching career." She graduated from North Texas State Normal School in Denton in 1909 and began teaching.

"Her first teaching experience was at Monday, Texas. Later she taught in Fort Worth and Paducah, Texas." Mrs. Martin received her B.A. in 1919 and her M.A. in 1922 from Teachers College at Columbia University in New York. "Following a year as primary supervisor at the Bloomsburg Normal School in Pennsylvania, she returned (1923) to the North Texas State Teachers College." She taught in the demonstration school on the campus and eventually was promoted to supervisor and finally teaching elementary education. Then in 1927 Mrs. Martin decided to move to the University of Texas so she could work on her doctorate while serving as assistant professor of elementary education. She received her Ph.D. in 1936.

While Mrs. Martin taught at the University of Texas, she lived in the Faulty Women's Club where she and Dr. Annie Webb Blanton frequently discussed plans for the founding of Delta Kappa Gamma. An active member and officer of a wide variety of academic and social organizations, Cora Martin played a key role in advising Dr. Blanton concerning the Constitution, initiation ritual and program of work. She also polished Dr. Blanton's lyric for the "Delta Kappa Gamma Song," fitting it to the tune of "Men of Harlech." When election of officers took place, Mrs. Martin was selected to be keeper of the records.

"As the years wore on, she was first vice-president of Alpha Chapter four years and state keeper of the records. On the national level she was committee chairman of Necrology (1930-1931), Initiation (1931-1932 and 1938-1939) and Figurines (1950-1952). Dr. Martin also served on the following committees: Membership (1930-1940), Insignia (1940-1941), Equal Rights Amendment (1941-1943) and Constitution (1952-1954). She represented the Founders on the National Planning Committee and on the Administrative Board." She is credited with the installation of Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Eta and Beta Tau Chapters in Texas. She assisted with the organization of Alpha Sigma State Organization, Washington and helped Dr. Blanton install Gamma State Organization, Oklahoma.

Dr. Martin, who had been suffering from heart problems for several years, collapsed after returning home from the 1964 International Convention in San Francisco. She moved into the Stillwell Residence, a home for retired teachers in Waco, Texas. She died there on April 12, 1965, and was laid to rest in the Chico Cemetery near her husband and baby daughter.