Dr. Helen L. Koch

Born August 26, 1875 Deceased July 14, 1977

Helen Koch was born on August 26, 1895, and grew up in Blue Island, Illinois. She became interested in music at an early age and began studying piano when she was eight years old. She spent many hours over the next fourteen years practicing and developing her skills. She was an honor student in school and took part in extra-curricular activities and clubs. After she graduated high school, she attended the University of Chicago where she majored in psychology and minored in German, as well as continued her music training. She received her Bachelor of Philosophy degree in 1918 and her Doctor of Philosophy in 1921, both from the University of Chicago. 

Dr. Koch began teaching psychology at the University of Texas in 1922. She became associated professionally with A. Caswell Ellis, chief of the department of the philosophy of education. In 1924, under his supervision, the National Committee of Mental Hygiene made a survey of the state in preparation for the Child Guidance centers in Dallas and Houston. Because of the interest she had in Dr. Ellis' work, she had to make the difficult decision of taking a teaching job at Western Reserve University, where he was heading in the adult education department, or go to the University of Chicago. Her close family ties helped her decide on Chicago where she was an associate professor of psychology until 1942, when she became professor of child psychology. 

"On the campus of the University of Texas, she gained a reputation for scholarship in the field of psychology. The idea of improving the profession appealed to Dr. Koch so she joined with the other Founders in giving impetus to the new organization and became active in Alpha Chapter. It was a loss to Texas, but Illinois' gain when Helen Koch returned to her native state. There, in March 1935, she became one of the founders of the Lambda State Organization and has been a member of Kappa Chapter in Chicago since its inception in March 1937.

"In Kappa Chapter she has served as committee chairman of Initiation, Program, Nomination and Necrology. On the national level Dr. Koch has been a member of the following committees: Publication (1931-1934), Progress of Delta Kappa Gamma (1936-1942), Scholarship (1944-1950), Membership (1954-1956), and Research (1956-1958). She represented the Founders on the National Planning Committee 1946-1948. She represented the Founders on the Administrative Board from 1966 to 1970.

Dr. Koch died in Chicago, Illinois, on July 14, 1977.