Ruby Cole

Born December 2, 1885 Deceased November 20, 1940

"Miss Ruby Cole began her college work at Sam Houston Institute in Huntsville, Texas. Her sophomore year she attended Washington College, but she completed her course at the Southwest Texas State Normal College. In later years she did graduate study at the College of the Incarnate Word and at Our Lady of the Lake College in San Antonio."

"Ruby Cole was already recognized for her work in school and civic affairs when she was invited to become a Founder of Delta Kappa Gamma. In San Antonio she commanded respect from women's clubs, from business men and the Chamber of Commerce. With these alert citizens she had worked to improve the community that it might be more appealing to tourists as well as to those who called it home."

"Because of her identification with both professional and lay people, Miss Cole's influence in San Antonio and throughout Texas was considerable. As a member of the Teacher's Retirement Committee of TSTA and as chairman of the legislative committee of elementary principals, she worked energetically for better schools and for teacher welfare. This understanding person, who radiated cheer, courage and good will, was selected by Dr. Annie Webb Blanton to interest women educators of San Antonio in Delta Kappa Gamma. Miss Cole and Mamie Bastian of Houston vied with each other for the honor of first founding a chapter in her home community. Miss Cole succeeded, for she organized Beta on July 6, 1929, less than two months after the national Society had been established. She served as Beta's president from October 1930 to September 1931 and as national second vice-president from 1929 to 1933. Later she organized Upsilon Chapter in Texas."

Ruby Cole was active in Delta Kappa Gamma's national committees. She served as chairman of the Nominations Committee (1930-1931) and was a member of the Constitution Committee (1929-1930), Nominations Committee (1929-1930), Membership Committee (1930-1931), Retirement Fund for Teachers (1930-1931 and 1936-1940), Initiation Committee (1932-1935) and Legislation Committee (1936-1938).

"Although Miss Cole's health was impaired at times by a slight heart condition, her passing came as a distinct shock to her family and friends. On November 20, 1940, she suffered a heart attack and was taken to the Santa Rosa Hospital, where she died the following morning. 'She went as most of us would pray that we might depart,' wrote Dr. Blanton, 'without long suffering -- straight from the school room in which her work was done."