Cornetet Individual


Cornetet Individual 
Professional Development Award

Cornetet Individual Awards (CIPD) will fund participation in conferences, seminars, lecture series, online courses, and workshops plus other non-degree programs. This award is given May 1 and November 1.

As of May 2022 over $764,000  has been granted as Individual Professional Development Awards.


Employed educators who meet the stated professional development definition may apply. Applicants may receive a Cornetet Award only once, but may apply up to two times a year, should earlier applications be unsuccessful.
CIPD activities must occur after the funds are awarded. 

Professional Development is defined as a growth-promoting learning process that empowers employed educators to further excellence in education.

The award may pay for registration fees and conference-related materials, travel, lodging, food, substitute teacher, if not provided by the district, and other expenses necessary for participation in the professional development activities.
The award may not be used for: 1) attendance at Society-sponsored events, 2) college or university courses leading to the completion of a degree program, or 3) reimbursement of expenses for activities already completed.


The application process is competitive. Awards (money) given to individual educators assists their participation in professional development opportunities through approved professional development providers such as colleges, universities, and professional organizations other than The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.

Awards will fund participation in:

  • Conferences
  • Lecture Series
  •  Seminars
  • Workshops and other non-degree programs
  • Online courses


CIPD will no longer fund United States National Board Certification fees or classes.

Awards may fund travel, lodging, meals, pay for substitutes, registration fees, etc. Awards may not be used to reimburse for activities already completed, to pursue a degree program, or to fund an educational project.


Applications will only be considered if submitted electronically on or before the dates of May 1 and November 1 of each calendar year. The completed application should be sent to the Foundation Specialist at Upon submission, an email confirmation will be sent as proof of receipt.

The guideline for application timing is as follows:

     Activity occurs between:

     Apply no later than:

  • July - December
  • May 1
  • January - June
  • November 1