Cornetet SEMINAR


Cornetet SEMINAR
Professional Development Award

Cornetet Professional Development Seminar (CSPD) Awards are granted to sponsor professional development seminars. Regions, areas, and state organizations of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International may apply for a Seminar Award to assist in providing professional development opportunities for educators in their locale.

As of November 2022 a total of $144,313.90 has been awarded for Seminar Awards.


Only state organizations, their districts/areas, and the five regions of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International may apply to sponsor a professional development activity. Attendance at the activity shall be open to all educators.
Chapters and individuals may not apply.

Professional Development is defined as "a growth-promoting learning process that empowers employed educators, early-career educators, and second-education-career educators to further excellence in education.” The seminar must be available to all educators who meet the stated criteria.

This award may not be used as reimbursement for a seminar that has been held prior to notification date – December 10. Seminar recipients may receive funding no more than twice. Not all applications are funded and applicants may reapply.


The Lucile Cornetet Seminar Professional Development Award assists a state organization or one of its divisions (districts/areas/regions), or multi-state organizations of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International in sponsoring a professional development activity. Other sources of funding must be included. The activity may be in conjunction with Society-sponsored events or may stand alone at any time during the year.

Awards may be used to fund (but not limited to):

  • Consultant/presenter fees
  • Venue rental
  • Seminar materials
  • Audio-visual equipment rental



Applications will only be considered if submitted electronically on or before the date of November 1 of each calendar year. The completed application with attachments should be sent to the Foundation Specialist at Upon submission, an email confirmation will be sent as proof of receipt.

Apply no later than: NOVEMBER 1

Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance will be made by December 10.