Educational Project Award

Projects Grant may be applied for to support and encourage projects. The deadline is March 1 of each year. Generous donations from DKG chapters, members and friends make these project grants possible. Any project leader may apply. Applicants need not be members of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. 
A total of $50,000.00 was funded to new and renewal projects in February 2020. (Unused funds shall be returned to the DKGIEF).

DKGIEF has awarded over $3,328,908.00 to groups or individuals for projects to benefit children and education.


Complete the current online application and submit it electronically no later than March 1.
Email to The DKG International Educators Foundation at: Please designate Project Application in the subject line.

Mid-year and Year-end Reports
All applications, mid-year and year-end reports must be submitted electronically only. Photographs of the projects in action should be submitted with the mid-year and/or year-end reports. Photographs may be mailed or emailed. If emailing, please send to: Designate Application, Mid-Year or Year-End Report in the subject line and include Project Name. Photographs may be mailed to: DKG International Educators Foundation, 12710 Research Blvd. Ste. 230, Austin TX 78759. Please include the name of the project with the photos.




To be considered for funding, your application must meet the following initial and follow-up responsibilities:

 First Time Applicants :
 1.  The project must comply with one or more of the following Purposes and the Mission Statement, to
  1. support and encourage intercultural understanding,
  2. encourage standards of excellence in education, and/or
  3. assist and cooperate with schools, colleges, universities and other persons, organizations, trust funds, or foundations in support, encouragement, and improvement of education.
 2.  Applications must be submitted electronically to Headquarters by March 1 in order to be considered.
 3.  Complete current Mid-Year Report and submit electronically by January 15.
 4.  Complete current Year-End Report including copies of all receipts and submit electronically by May 15.
Continued Funding Applicants:

1.   A current renewal application form must be submitted electronically by March 1.

 2.   Continuation of funding will NOT be considered without a valid Mid-Year Report submitted

electronically by January 15.

3.  A current Year-End Report including copies of all receipts must be submitted electronically by May 15.
4. Funding will not be continued without the completed Mid-Year and Year-End Project Reports. It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain the current appropriate forms from the website for continuance of funds.
 5. A request for continuation of funding will be reviewed for project effectiveness, revisions, and evidence of seeking additional sources of income. A project may not be renewed more than one (1) time. After six years, prior applicants who have received at least two grants may apply again. The six years begins after the second project is completed. Unused funds shall be returned to the DKGIEF.