Bulletin Submissions

1) Complete your electronic cover sheet
2) Submit your manuscript to 

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Submissions from members will be accepted for review provided that:

  • The submission is not being considered concurrently in whole or substantial part by another publisher.
  • The Bulletin has exclusive option of possible publication for a period of 6 months following receipt of the submission.
  • The author assumes responsibility for publication clearance in the event the submission was presented at a professional meeting or is the direct product of a project financed by a funding agency.
  • Authors are responsible for accurately citing all quoted and bibliographic materials and for obtaining permission from the original source for quotations in excess of 150 words or for tables or figures reproduced from published works.
  • Co-authors are permitted. At least one author must be a Delta Kappa Gamma member.

Manuscript Preparation

  • Although there is a suggested theme for each issue of the Journal, manuscripts on all topics are welcome. The Collegial Exchange is not theme-based.
  • Manuscripts should be focused, well organized, effectively developed, concise, and appropriate for Bulletin readers. The style should be direct, clear, readable, and free from gender, political, patriotic, or religious bias. Topic headings should be inserted where appropriate.
  • Please see the Submission Guidelines /Submission Grid below for specific requirements of the types of manuscripts appropriate for publication.
  • Use Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, current edition, for manuscript preparation. Visit the APA Style website at www.apastyle.org.
  • Double space the entire manuscript, including quotations, references, and tables. Print should be clear, dark, and legible. Pages must be numbered.
  • References should refer only to materials cited within the text. Nonretrievable material, such as papers, reports of limited circulation, unpublished works, and personal communications, should be restricted to works absolutely essential to the manuscript.
  • Abbreviations should be explained at their first appearance in the text. Educational jargon (e.g., preservice, K–10, etc.) should be defined as it occurs in the text.
  • Place tables and figures on separate pages at the end of the manuscript. Use Arabic numerals and indicate approximate placement in the text.
  • Photos, graphics, charts, etc. that may enhance the presentation of the manuscript may be included. Contact the editorial staff (bulletin@dkg.org) for information regarding the use of photos.


  • One submission per author per issue.
  • Complete two steps:
    • Submit interactive cover sheet form found at the Apply/Submit tab on the DKG website.
    • Submit manuscript electronically, in Microsoft Word format, to bulletin@dkg.org. Do not submit PDF files.
  • Electronic/digital photo files must be saved in JPG or TIFF format and must be a minimum of 1.5” x 1.5” with a 300 dpi resolution. For photos submitted to enhance text, include caption/identification information.
  • For poems and graphic arts, submit name, address, and chapter affiliation. A photograph is not required.
  • All submissions will be acknowledged and assigned a review number within 2 weeks. Contact the editor at bulletin@dkg.org if you do not receive timely acknowledgement of your submission.

Publication of Submissions

  • The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International and the editorial staff assume no responsibility for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors in The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin.
  • All published materials are copyrighted by The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission.
  • The editorial staff reserves the right to make changes of a non-substantive nature. 
  • Published authors will receive complimentary copies of the Bulletin in which their article appears.

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