Tania Fielder de Gordon

Have you established two new chapters in your state organization?  Have you increased membership significantly?  Have you developed a website for your state organization?

Tania Fiedler de Gordon of Panama State Organization has done all this and more which is why she was chosen to be included in Member Spotlight.  Tania Fiedler de Gordon is a leader committed to the development of DKG Panama and education in general.  Her work has contributed to DKG Panama being a stronger and more united organization, and to more Panamanian women having opportunities for professional and personal development.

Tania joined Alpha Chapter of DKG Panama in 2015 and has held many offices including Secretary (2020-2021), State President (2021-2023), State Vice President of Development (2023-2025) and Membership Chairman (2022-present). Tania was the main driving force behind the creation of two new DKG chapters in Panama: Central Panama and Western Panama. She developed the state bylaws for Panama and chapter rules for many chapters.  She has recruited 21 new members this year alone and increased membership by 15%.

Tania established the website for DKG Panama.  She has used social networks to promote her state organization and its activities. These platforms have helped increase the organization's visibility and ability to reach a broader audience.

Tania reached an agreement with the San Miguelito University Center and Teachers 2.0. This agreement gave DKG Panama members the opportunity to obtain scholarships for courses and continuing education programs.  She has organized events and activities for DKG members, such as workshops, conferences, and social events.  She has participated in community projects, such as literacy campaigns and education support programs.  She has represented DKG at international events and conferences.

Tania organized a virtual event for DKG Panama members during the COVID-19 pandemic. This event was innovative because it allowed members of the organization to connect and learn from others, even when they couldn't meet in person.  Tania has incorporated new technologies into the work of DKG Panama. For example, she has used online learning platforms to offer continuing education courses and programs.

In her professional career, Tania Fielder de Gordon has been a consultant for the Andrés Bello Agreement on educational policies, educational resources, and teacher training. She has worked as a CECCSICA technician in the project to implement a virtual course to promote a healthy lifestyle based on Nutritional Food Education.  She has been a coordinating consultant for the formulation of public policies for early childhood.   

Tania Fielder de Gordon has been able to motivate and mobilize others and has achieved positive results for DKG.   She
has increased the organization's membership and has developed new programs and services, thereby strengthening the organization. 

Tania Fielder de Gordon is an example of how excellent leadership can contribute to the success of DKG.

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