Dr. Dutchess Maye

Dr. Dutchess Maye became a member of Delta Kappa Gamma in 2014 when she was a UNC gradu-ate student of International President Dr. Barbara Day. Dr. Day says, “Dutchess is a person who reaches out in warm friendship to both student colleagues and professors. It was a pleasure to be in her company—in class, in my office working on her dissertation and research or having lunch with other students. She along with another doctoral student represented the Pi Theta Chapter of The Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education at the Society’s Convocation.”

Following graduate school, Dutchess brought the same excellence in networking and communication to membership in Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. She and Dr. Day were co-authors of educational research and practice articles, one being published in our Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Bulletin. Dutchess furthered her connections across North Carolina in her professional position as a teacher and leader in the North Carolina Teacher Academy. As the founding CEO of EduConsulting, Dutchess highlighted Delta Kappa Gamma Society International on her entrepreneur-ial web presence. Through virtual meetings and presentations, she has continued to be a strong and involved Delta Beta chapter member during the coronavirus.

With the North Carolina legislature’s funding cuts that led to the State Department of Public Instruc-tion’s disbanding the Teacher Academy, Dutchess Maye found herself out of a job. She had been the SDPI teacher of English and classroom practices for new teachers in school systems across the state. Determined not to let that much-needed service evaporate, Dutchess established her own pri-vate educational consulting firm, EduConsulting, employing other educators to carry on the work for school systems across North Carolina. Establishing a web presence, she also began to provide ser-vices to teachers in other states. Using the internet, Dutchess was also able to be involved in two personal interests— art and dogs. Dutchess Maye Creative features her photography, which can be viewed on Instagram. The photographs of rescue dogs bring awareness to rich enjoyment of canine friends, health, and companionship.

While EduConsulting works collaboratively with school systems to provide teacher training, it is the innovative EduCrates which reach educators on a very personal level. Four times a year, these edu-cational crates arrive to subscribers who find inside such professional materials as research, journals, suggestions for best practices, educational games, and enthusiastic encouragement. Also in the crates are personal care items to promote wellness — candles, specialty soaps, treats. EduCrates combine professional and personal care for educators, tailored to their needs by means of question-naires and by request. The entire team at EduConsulting work on the concepts for each crate, but it is Dutchess’ creativity that makes them unique.

Dutchess Maye is extremely busy as CEO and leader of her company, extending professional devel-opment to educators across North Carolina and across the Internet. Yet, she attends meetings as an active member of the Delta Beta Chapter where she engages members in organized programs, such as how to set up a personal webpage, and impromptu courage, such as how to hug a horse even if you are terrified. Dutchess is a risk-taker who leads by example. She admits that something might be difficult, then finds a way to do it anyway, bringing others along with her in cheerful confidence.

Particularly in this difficult time of coronavirus, school closings, social upheavals, and untoward pres-sure on educators, Dutchess has found a way to communicate, educate, and encourage the brave professionals who are engaged in their most challenging moments. Her professional publications and online presence highlight academic rigor, classroom management, effective instruction, diversity, and personal worth. Paying attention to thoughtful being in the world, educators become more than their individual selves—Dr. Dutchess Maye focuses attention where it belongs, onto people teaching peo-ple.


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