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Nichole Forest

Nichole Forest is a proud member of Eta chapter VT. She is the daughter of educators who served the Bennington, VT school community. Following in her parents’ footsteps, she continues their legacy by demonstrating a strong commitment to education and literacy. Previously working as an elementary school librarian, Forest transitioned to Mount Anthony Union Middle School, where she currently serves as librarian.

Forest serves as the Eta chapter treasurer and diligently prepares clear and accurate reports. By managing the chapter’s various accounts, she offers important insights for increasing and/or decreasing spending. She is an active member on the Eta team, which plans the Eta chapter meetings and events. Additionally, Forest values sharing the honor of membership in DKG and often seeks outstanding prospective members. As a result, she sponsored two new members who were inducted into DKG last year.

Because of her love for literature, Forest has coordinated literacy programs & projects for Eta chapter. In collaboration with the Bennington Bookshop, she has displayed interesting books, has held book talks about favorite youth books and best-selling novels, and has shared some of the creative discussions she has had with students. Both she and her chapter are proud of the chapter members’ book donations which were distributed to local children at a FALLAPALOOZA event.

Through her position as an educator and a DKG member, Forest has made a strong impact and many positive connections with students and families in the Bennington, VT community.


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Latest DKG member to be represented in the spotlight of achievement -Dr. Barri L. Bumgarner

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