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Melissa Moorhead

Melissa Moorhead holds DKG in her heart. She positively reflects the core values of the Society and does her best to bring meaning and action to the Seven Purposes. An active leader in the Alpha Be-ta Chapter in Bedford, Pennsylvania, she has served as chapter president, first vice-president, second vice-president, and currently serves as parliamentarian. She has also chaired many committees. There is no doubt, if there is a need, Melissa is willing to take on the task. At the state organization level, Melissa’s current role is a committee member on the PSO Membership/Expansion Committee.

Moorhead is seen as a frequent presenter at state organization conventions and state organization creative arts retreats. She presented workshops at both International Conventions in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Nashville, Tennessee. Melissa often seeks out DKG professional development opportunities. Thus, she has attended many specialized training programs, most recently the 2019 training for parliamentarians. One can read her article on "The Year of the Brain: Experiences Teach About Our Most Important Organ" published in the 2016 edition of the Collegial Exchange.

As an active member of her community, Melissa enjoys working with the Justice Belles of Bedford County, a nonpartisan group of women promoting and educating the public about the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment/Women’s’ Right to Vote. Moorhead has written articles for the magazine Timeless and provided many presentations. She is also active in the Bedford Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution where she serves as regent. Notably, Melissa was recognized as Outstanding Regent for South Central PA. As a deacon at the Bedford Presbyterian Church, she writes a monthly reflection for the Huntingdon Presbytery, connecting daily experiences with scripture. Additionally, Melissa is involved in Operation Christmas Child and helps to prepare food for the church youth group at Bedford's Fall Foliage Festival. Because Melissa is a certified yoga instructor, she often offers free yoga classes and workshops on meditation to her com-munity members.

During the pandemic, Melissa was one of the leaders in bringing Zoom meetings and presentations to the chapter and the community. She consistently seeks out-of-the-box solutions when problem solving.

Although retired from her job as a special education supervisor for a local intermediate unit, the teachers who worked with her still comment on the positive impact she had on them and their teaching. Many credit Melissa Moorhead with where they are today in the profession. Melissa remains a vocal advocate locally and in the state on the teaching/learning process.


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Latest DKG member to be represented in the spotlight of achievement -Dr. Barri L. Bumgarner

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