Orrie Babiuk

Orrie Babiuk is an outstanding, proactive individual who does not shy away from taking on leadership roles. She is seen as an exemplary leader in her Fraser Shores British Columbia chapter level, as well as at the British Columbia state organization level. She has served as chapter president and membership chair. At the state organization level, she served as second vice-president, state organization first vice-president and two terms as state organization president. Orrie currently serves as state organization treasurer, but due to unfortunate circum-stances, the state organization’s immediate past president was unable to fulfill her duties. As a result, Orrie stepped up and took on those responsibilities, too, to complete the work.

During the pandemic, when chapters were unable to meet in person, Orrie learned how to host Zoom. She and her husband purchased a Zoom license that they could use to host meetings, not only for her own chapter and for state organization meetings, but also for the non-profit organization to which both she and her husband be-long. Orrie has been instrumental in reaching out and inviting people to join her chapter. She actively suggests excel-lent guest speakers and encourages all members to invite people to attend scheduled Zoom meetings.

Community involvement is high on Babiuk’s commitment to make a positive impact. Orrie is a breast cancer survivor. She is an active participant in Vancouver BC’s Dragon Boat Festival which showcases the region’s local culture. In the spirit of the original Dragon Boat Festival, the event aims to create an intercultural meeting place. Orrie’s boating team, made up of all breast-cancer survivors, is called "Abreast in a Boat” and the team competes in Dragon Boat races. Prior to COVID, the team travelled to races both in and out of Canada.

In addition to her strong family commitment, Orrie Babiuk provides much valuable service to the British Columbia Cancer Society and others. Regularly, she picks up patients from their homes and transports them to their treatment. She volunteers her time to support a senior with a disability who lives alone. She helps with the campaign of a city councilor, volunteers with a number of charities, and is a member of the New Westminster Teacher’s Association. Orrie is also a member of the New Westminster Symphony and a local community band for which she also serves as treasurer. She wears her heart on her sleeve for those who are struggling and has helped many marginalized women in her community by collecting professional work clothes that are given to women shelters to help women transition into meaningful work.

When British Columbia changed its Society Act, not only was DKG British Columbia State Organization affected, but also all other non-profit organizations. In keeping with the organizations’ overall mission, Orrie helped each of the organizations to which she belongs re-write their Constitution, By-Laws and Policies, as well as helped with the requirements laid out by the Province and in DKG.

Prior to retirement, Orrie was the district hospital-homebound teacher, a position that asked her to support student learning both at the elementary and the secondary levels. She continues to support students by participating in both Fraser Shores chapter fundraisers, as well as the retired-teacher fundraisers which raise money for scholarship funds.

British Columbia DKG member Orrie Babiuk is one of the most optimistic and cheerful people that anyone could ever hope to meet.



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