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Beth Herrington

Oklahoma Gamma Beta chapter member, Beth Herrington, will be honored in her hometown of Tahlequah with a street named after her and a life-size bronze statue in recognition of her service to the city, community and education. Herrington has received other community awards to include: Tahlequah Public Schools Teacher of the Year twice, Kiwanis Member Service Award, Soroptimist Member Service Award, and Tahlequah First Baptist Church Member Service Award.

Herrington has served as Gamma Beta chapter president twice as well as other offices at the chapter level multiple times and has received her chapter’s Achievement Award. With her commitment to DKG spanning all levels of the Society, she has served as Oklahoma State Organization president, parliamentarian, and other offices at the state level. Herrington has served in numerous capacities in support of international conferences and conventions and worked on multiple international committees.

In recognition of her dedication and service, she received the Oklahoma State Organization Achievement Award. Because of her ongoing commitment to leadership, as well as the training and mentoring of new leaders, the Oklahoma State Organization honored Herrington by developing and naming their leadership/management seminar after her and her DKG colleague, Nelda Tebow.

Tahlequah Daily Press Article on Beth


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