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Gail Goolsby

2020 Educators Book Award Winner, Gail Goolsby, felt called to move from the United States to develop and lead the international School of Kabul after the events of 9/11. Her book, Unveiled Truth, vividly describes the challenges for a woman in a male-dominated world where women were often devalued and considered weak. Gail spent 7 years learning of the culture and, although she faced many challenges, she was able to develop the school in 2005.

Gail was inducted into the Society in 2013 and has been a member in both Missouri and Kansas. She served on the Educational Excellence Committee and currently serves as Beta Rho Chapter Vice President. Gail encourages members in the chapter and region to take advantage of Delta Kappa Gamma member opportunities and strives to become more involved at the state level.

Retiring from a 25-year career as teacher, school counselor, and principal, she finds herself active in the community with her husband and is currently writing, speaking, counseling, and serving as a certified life coach in her own business, Learn to Live Well.

In recognition of Gail’s positive and determined spirit that reflects her love for helping others and education, she is being honored in the DKG Member Spotlight.


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